new moon in cancer tarot reading for the collective

New Moon in Cancer Tarot Reading for the Collective

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New Moon in Cancer Spirit Tarot Reading for the Collective

For this New Moon in Cancer Tarot Reading for the Collective, we are working with the Thoth Tarot deck. The New Moon in Cancer falls on the 9-10 July in 2021, depending on where in the world you live. Here in the UK, it happens at 2:16 AM on the 10th of July.

The Tarot spread we are working with for is the Clarity Tarot Spread. The theme for this Cancer New Moon is NURTURING.

The question I asked of the Tarot for the collective is, ‘How can we better nurture the qualities within ourselves that will lead the kind of New Earth we wish to create?’

New Moon in Cancer Tarot Reading for the Collective

The Knight of Swords describes the issue we are facing collectively. This card can describe ideological clashes (no joke!) and a propensity to not care if one is kind, as long as one is right. I’m guessing this is not the future most of us want to create for our children and grandchildren. Granted, the ideological clashes are unavoidable to a certain extent. But it’s how we deal with conflict now that is really going to make a difference. Kindness matters. In fact, it may ultimately be the only thing that truly matters in all we do.

We must stay true to our hearts and guard our hearts against evil. Cynicism and a longing for vengeance are two types of poison that spring to mind. Those we need to guard our hearts against.

Our Biggest Challenge

The challenge, represented by the Knight of Cups, is to turn this ideological quest into a quest for greater love, kindness and compassion. The knights are all on a quest. The Knight of Swords is on a quest for truth and justice. The Knight of Cups is on a quest for love and compassion.

New Moon in Cancer Action Advice

We must join these two energies together harmoniously now. That is what the action advice card, the 2 of Cups, is saying. The 2 of Cups is a card of suppleness and accepting the duality of the situation, whilst being centered in love. This card also puts loving relationships in focus. For some of you, this will no doubt involve romance as well. This is a great lunar cycle for deepening your commitment in a relationship!

The Spiritual Lesson for the Cancer New Moon Lunar Cycle

From the first three cards, we get the numerological quint 26/8 Adjustment aka Justice. Hence, VIII Adjustment represents the main spiritual lesson for the collective during this lunar cycle.

Legal issues and court cases will no doubt be highlighted in the month ahead but those are usually out of our control to impact. So on an individual level, VIII Adjustment means that the Tarot is guiding us to bring ourselves into harmony. This is where our soul-alchemy process is taking us until the New Moon in Leo. We are being guided to become more heart-centered so that we can maintain the equilibrium of total harmony.

This is because the heart is the control centre for the energies that run through our mind, body, and soul. If the heart is in harmony, everything else automatically is too. The most effective way to create harmony in the heart is by centering ourselves in feelings of love and gratitude as often as possible. Create intimacy in relationships with loved ones and lavish loving-kindness on children and pets. Help those in need and send out good thoughts to those who are suffering.

The Shadow

At the bottom of the pile of cards, we find the Princess of Cups (Earth of Water). Collectively, this represents inner child work, honouring our sensitivity, nurturing our creativity and intuition, and in general being more accepting. This card is showing in the shadow position because of all the harsh energies all around us now.

We have been hiding these qualities in ourselves, perhaps even suppressing them, in order to protect our ‘soft underbelly.’ This is a very Cancerian thing to do. However, if we let our inner child know that she is safe to come out and play, many of those qualities that we need for a healthy heart can begin to truly blossom.

The Outcome

There is a sense of inevitability with a Major Arcana card showing up in the outcome position. The Emperor is the death rattle of the power structures that are dying now. The pushback may be more brutal than many are prepared for, especially here in the UK where we have been promised an easing of restrictions.

The trick is to not allow outer circumstances to rattle us or deprive us of inner harmony. If we move forward with love and integrity, the vision we hold must become a reality. So we owe it to future generations to hold fast and stay strong.

Finally, we do well to remember that none of us are above needing a helping hand, shoulder to cry on or friendly hug from time to time. With the 2 of Cups and three court cards in a Tarot spreads, one of the central themes for this lunar cycle will be nurturing each other with emotional support. When the going gets tough for one person, someone else can take over for a while and so on. You get the idea – We’re all part of the same tag team!


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