New Moon in Leo 2019

New Moon in Leo 2019

New Moon in Leo 2019

The New Moon in Leo happens very close to Mercury stationing direct on 1-2 August, depending on where in the world you are. The exact time for the Leo New Moon here in the UK is Thursday, 1 August, 4:11 AM. A lot of heavy energy is set to clear during this lunar cycle. We become better able to move forward with optimism and a sense of lightness in our hearts.

Leo in the Tarot Strength Card

VIII Strength - Leo in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the corresponding card for Leo is VIII Strength. This is the compassion and wisdom of the Divine Feminine, guiding the beast that lurks within the subconscious mind, taming that beast and making it her ally.

Leo energy is playful. It’s romantic, BIG open-heart and (when positively aspected) VERY generous energy. Simply put: If we harness the power of this lunation, we can all become more heart-centred, loving and loveable.

Then there is the leadership aspect of this energy. Leo is not afraid to step up to the plate and assume a leadership role – Neither should we be! As Lightworkers, we are the ones to bring in the Golden Age. We do this by boldly and joyfully acting on what is in our hearts, not by going into resistance about what we perceive as wrong in the world.

When the Moon is New in Leo, we set the intent to be the best, most magnanimous version of ourselves – Unafraid to shine. During this lunar cycle we focus on expanding our creativity, our connection with children and/or our inner child, love, romance, playfulness, performance and success in any area we desire to be successful.

New Moon in Leo Reading for the Collective

Tarot and Oracle card reading for the collective about the New Moon in Leo, 2019

I was guided to do a reading for the collective about the New Moon in Leo. Additionally, I will do some pick-a-pile readings with individual messages tomorrow, Thursday.

This reading for the collective is what all of us need to be mindful of now, in terms of expanding our consciousness and moving toward oneness. The decks that were calling to me for this reading were the Secret Language of Color Cards, the Angel Power Wisdom Cards and the Victorian Fairy Tarot (see image of cards drawn below).

Unsurprisingly, we get a message of hope, love and optimism for this New Moon. The Rainbow card is one of hope as well as of connecting with the Divine Feminine through Nature.

Eyes of Love is about making that shift and seeing the world (and everyone in it) through the eyes of our heart. One way to begin doing this is to place our hands over our hearts as soon as we wake up and give thanks for the connection to all other living beings. The truth is that we are all connected and when begin to feel full-hearted and thankful for this, true miracles can begin to happen.

The first Tarot card to come out is the empathetic, understanding and compassionate Queen of Cups (Summer). Pay attention to and nurture your emotions during this lunar cycle. Intend to be an emotional support to others, without compromising your boundaries.

The Knight of Cups (Summer) is about embarking on new creative ventures, simply for the love of what we are doing – not worrying about the outcome.

Act on every loving and creative impulse you have in the month ahead, says the Ace of Wands (Spring). Allow yourself to soar to new heights! A great time for new beginnings in love and creativity!!

Love & Light,

Lisa Frideborg

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