Super Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo 19 February 2019

Angel Journey Oracle

Tomorrow, Tuesday 19 February, at 15:53 GMT, we have a Full Moon in Virgo… and it’s a Super Moon! 

Virgo is a mutable Earth sign and it rules our daily routine, work and health. If ever there is a Full Moon for doing away with poor habits with regards to health or any habits that holds us back in terms of how effective/useful we can be, this would be it!

We now have an absolutely amazing opportunity to step on the brakes and wipe the slate clean. Now is the time to start that detox or new way of eating. Now is the time to clear your schedule of the types of things you know just fritter your time away. In other words, now is the time to KonMari any area of your life that isn’t bringing you deep joy and satisfaction.

We all have a lazy bone but this lunation shines a light on that part of us that wishes to be useful and of service for the Highest Good. It will also shine its light deep into the shadows of our psyche, to help us clear out that which is currently holding us back. 

This is the message that comes with the astrology of this lunation, so I was curious to see what the Angels might add to that message and how it would resonate! Turns out they are on the same page entirely!

I pulled three Angel Journey cards (see image above) and we have Winter, Desert Flower and Sacred Garden.

The message from the Angels is that now is the time to get serious about what we are going to plant in our garden for the year ahead. It’s time to clear out the deadwood so that we can plant only things of beauty, things that help us stay motivated and inspired and that help us do inspire everyone around us too.

Don’t fear stillness, silence and diving deep within your own heart during this Full Moon. Winter is the perfect time for contemplation and planning ahead. It also happens to be Winter for a wee bit longer up here in the Northern Hemisphere but the same applies if you are Down Under and reading this. This Full Moon is a time to pause and reflect.

What daily habits need to go now. Get pen and paper out and start by writing your routine down, from the moment you get up until you go to bed. Don’t miss out any of the stuff you typically do on a normal day. 

Which of these habits are helping you move toward your dreams and goals? Which habits are keeping you sane and help you destress? Which of these habits are actually just a waste of time or even bordering on destructive? Dare to be honest with yourself – This is the first step for any real process of transformation.

Next, look at what you are hoping to achieve this year. Perhaps you have planted the seed already? Maybe you are already beginning to see the first new growth? Or are you still completely at the dreaming/planning stage? It doesn’t matter so much if your dream is big or small. In fact, small and achievable is great… as long as it is something that ignites a spark of hope and excitement in your heart.

If your goal is related to taking back control of your health and wellbeing on every level of your being – mind, body and spirit – You are welcome to join our newly started SWIFT (Spirit Warrior Intermittent Fasting Transformation) group on FB for mutual support and encouragement.

Finally, use your powers of imagination and visualisation to help set specific short- and long-term goals for the year ahead. This Virgo Full Moon Tarot spread that I created a couple of years ago might come in handy for this part of the process. Create your new daily routine based on the insights and clarity you gain this way. You will find it easier than usual to create the necessary changes if you use the momentum of the Virgo Full Moon to first drop all the habits that hold you back from full health, vitality and productivity.

May your garden be filled with beautiful, fragrant blossoms and the most delicious nutritious foods this year!

Love and Full Moon Blessings,


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