unlock the power of the capricorn new moon eclipse

Unlock the Power of the Capricorn New Moon Eclipse

unlock the power of the capricorn new moon eclipse

New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn

On Saturday/Sunday, 5-6 January, the Moon is New in the Zodiac sign of Capricorn. The exact time in the UK is 01.28 GMT. This lunation coincides with a partial solar eclipse, visible in parts of Asia and the Pacific. Because this an eclipse New Moon, it acts as a more powerful reboot than a usual New Moon, and the effect is thought to last for about six months rather than the usual few weeks.

The New Moon is a time to set the intent for whatever you wish to manifest next. To make the most of each New Moon, focus on the areas of manifestation that fall under the auspice of the associated Zodiac sign. 

In the case of Capricorn, things to focus on would be career, reputation, accountability, ambitions, laying a solid foundation, creating structure, self-mastery/self-discipline, making long-term commitments, and healing father issues.

For some of us, this lunation will bring a (rude) awakening to the fact that something we thought was contributing to long-term stability and future success, turns out to be just another mirage. For others, the process of clearing structures that are not actually helpful will be more gentle.

As always, making the most of a Capricorn New Moon will require a willingness to work hard and be held accountable. There will be no short-cuts, but you will be able to gain clarity about how to set in place the most helpful parameters for you to actually get the work done, without procrastination and without deluding yourself about the potential end goal.

The Capricorn New Moon helps us stay realistic and produce real results over the next six months. With the help of the Tarot, we can see more precisely where we are best off investing our resources, as well what needs to fall away now, to make room for the real work we are here to do.

Capricorn New Moon Tarot Spread

  1. Where to invest my resources over the next six months
  2. How to improve my reputation
  3. What in my life requires more accountability
  4. What I need to clear from my life now, to achieve my potential
  5. What work I need to do with the resources I have at my disposal
  6. The result I can expect, provided I do the work



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