Zodiac Sign Dysphoria Tropical vs Sidereal

Zodiac Sign Dysphoria – Tropical vs Sidereal Astrology

Zodiac Sign Dysphoria Tropical vs Sidereal

The other day, I stumbled upon this article by Kenneth Bowser. He makes a very strong case for the Sidereal Zodiac, so based on that I went on to check my Sidereal chart out, to see what I could learn. In my Sidereal chart (Fagan/Bradley), I went from having my Sun in Capricorn (suffering with total Zodiac sign dysphoria!) to having my Sun in Sagittarius and that wasn’t all that changed, with all signs moving back 24 degrees…

The Devil vs Temperance

But let’s just pause for a minute and contemplate what it means to move from Sun (personality) in Capricorn (The Devil) to Sun in Sagittarius (Temperance). Imagine having The Devil projected on your persona by anyone who knows anything about metaphysics, Tarot and astrology… to being able to cast that Devil aside and instead put on the dress of the Angel of Temperance! Do I feel like a winner for stumbling on Sidereal Astrology? Damn straight I do!

Perhaps the biggest win isn’t swapping Sun signs though. Perhaps it is that it got me questioning my projections and use of labels.

Right or Wrong

Please note that I’m not now considering Sidereal Astrology to be ‘right’ and Tropical Astrology to be ‘wrong.’ Nor do I believe there to be only one way to read a chart. Heck, I haven’t even made my mind up about which house system to go with for Sidereal Astrology. And who knows, maybe there is even some truth to the claim of Ophicus being the 13th sign. All I know is that what I do know is pretty much nothing compared to what I don’t know…

What I do know is that this new Sidereal point of view has broadened my horizons and made me see more possibilities for myself. In doing so, it also made me see how much I was in fact limiting myself because of my efforts to know myself through a system that slapped me with labels I only barely tolerated. OK, full disclosure: I hated being a Capricorn. Forcing that label on myself created real and lasting Zodiac sign dysphoria.

Who Are You?

Of course, I still have Capricorn in my chart… but I don’t mind having it as my MC so much – It’s infinitely useful there… It’s just not who I am. So who am I? Who are you? And how can we truly know ourselves? While I think that systems like Astrology and Numerology do have their uses, I’m also inherently resistant to labels…

Just as I prefer to be on a nameless spiritual Path, I prefer to not label my Self other than with my name and ‘I am.’ That said, I believe the one way we can safely learn about ourselves is to follow our bliss and do more of what we love.

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Tarot vs Astrology

What I love about the Tarot is that nothing is fixed; We get to be The Fool (limitless spirit incarnate) and play with all these different archetypes along the way. In the Tarot, the archetypes act as signposts rather than labels. Although, in recent times, Tarotists have started using the same labels as Astrologers and Numerologists by assigning birth cards to people. In the past, Tarot readers used signifiers but those were used on the basis of physical characteristics rather than personality traits or life paths.

The truth is that, just as we have all 78 Keys of the Tarot around us at all times, we have all Planets, Numbers and Zodiac signs around us as well. The future is not fixed and while our spirit is indeed eternal, our soul continues to grow and evolve. Perhaps we are better off without any labels? This is not a rhetorical question, by the way. I’m not certain of the answer at all. I can see labels being useful too – especially if we do not use them to judge but to categorise in a neutral way.

Combining Sidereal and Tropical Astrology

Moving forward, I’m seriously considering combining the Tropical and Sidereal charts as per the video below. Looking at the Tropical chart as the influence of the ancestors makes sense to me. I can see how my Sun is supported by Capricorn energy… while doing what I truly love takes me much more into the realm of Sagittarius – It always did.

My Saggie Self

As a child, I always went off on adventures on my own, both in the real world and in my mind. I was an intrepid traveller who didn’t hesitate to go on a long hike (on my own!) to the nearest lake when I was six or hop on a train (also on my own!) to visit the city when I was 10. As soon as I could, I left home and studied abroad at age 16. I now live abroad and am not married to someone from my native country or culture. How very Saggie, right!?

This is a screenshot of my Sidereal natal chart from astro.com:

Sidereal Natal Chart

The things that Capricorns are supposed to care about (other than my work actually being useful) never tickled my fancy. Money? Meh. Status? lol!!! So there you have it… I’m going to play with this Saggie label for a while longer because it’s fun and seems a good fit… but I’m fully aware that it goes when my meat suit comes off.

It is infinitely more important for me to stay connected with the One in prayer and meditation, and in that nothing has changed between Tropical and Sidereal – My Moon remains firmly in Pisces. Apparently, I’m also still Gemini Rising, though I was on the cups to Cancer before…

Which Zodiac system do you work with? Have you explored more than one system? What works for you? Tell all in the comments below!


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