the new age denies christ

How the New Age Denies Christ

the new age denies christ

The New Age denies Christ and what He did for you and me. Trying to combine New Age practices with Christianity is like mixing oil and water. It cannot last and you cannot eat your cake and have it too. If you profess faith in Jesus Christ, you must stop any practices that are self-glorifying rather than Christ-glorifying.

This morning, I was watching another New Age to Christ testimony. The young lady who testified was raised Christian. She had tried to combine her Christian faith with her New Age beliefs and practices. In the video, she refers to Doreen Virtue. Coming across Doreen’s testimony, she realised that Doreen Virtue had tried to do exactly the same thing. You really have to be in a deceived and/or deluded frame of mind to try to mix the Gospel with the self-centred ‘I AM God’ teachings of the New Age.

How I Denied Christ

I should know because that used to be me. I used to think I was so unique and that God would show me a new, unique and inspired way of using only the best occult and New Age practices that were for the Highest Good. Pride, not wisdom guided my path. It turned out that I had to be delivered from a spirit of Leviathan before I could see this.

When the scales fell off my eyes, even before I was delivered from the spirit of divination, I could see that all these practices only served to move me further away from Christ. I felt deeply in my soul that it was impossible to dwell in him if I kept insisting on having my own way.

This is because all New Age practices are designed to take glory away from Jesus Christ. They make us our own Messiahs and so we don’t need Him or His redemptive work anymore. In short, they are Satanic.

“Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.”
~Matthew 10:32-33

Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness is Satan’s inversion of the Gospel. It is proliferated in a multitude of New Age teachings and is even the foundation of many of them, such as ‘A Course in Miracles.’ Look carefully at these teachings and you will see that they only lead to more confusion.

Every New Age guru has their own take on what Christ Consciousness is and how to achieve it. It is complicated and you have to learn many secret practices to ‘get it.’ And it really is about gnosis rather than relationship. Because there is nobody but the Self to have a relationship with. How sad is that?!

John 3:16

God wants to be in a relationship with you. He wishes to bring you peace and clarity, both of which can never be found in the new age. Don’t believe me? I’ve been in it since the late 90s and I can assure you this is the case. So can the thousands of people who have shared from New Age to Jesus testimonies on YouTube.

When you enter into a relationship with God through Christ, you can have a consciousness that is more like that of Jesus Christ if you abide in Him. As soon as you move away from Him and crown your ego, you move onto the enemy’s path.

If you are tired of going down the 1001 rabbit holes of the New Age… If you feel like you have been running around on a hamster wheel, pick up your Bible. Turn to the Gospel of John and read John 3:16. He is waiting for you.

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PS. As usual, the Bible passage above was selected from the Daily Audio Bible. I highly recommend downloading this free app that allows you to journey through the Bible in a year.

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