eating locusts

Locusts – An Inversion of the Plague

eating locusts?

But if you refuse to release my people, I am going to bring locusts into your territory tomorrow. They will cover the surface of the earth, so that you will be unable to see the ground. They will eat the remainder of what escaped—what is left over for you—from the hail, and they will eat every tree that grows for you from the field. 
Exodus 10:4-5

In church last night, the young pastor preached a good message about freedom. He used the text from Exodus about God sending the plagues and the Israelites grumbling and wanting to go back into ‘comfortable slavery.’ Many Christians are like this. We are quite happy to hang onto some of the things that keep us in bondage, as long as we can stay reasonably comfortable and within our comfort zone.

This is one of the things I love about fasting. It trains us to live outside our comfort zone. But I digress. What caught my attention from this morning’s DAB reading were the locusts. I haven’t seen any anybody addressing this from the POV of what is happening in the world now. It seems to me as if we are dealing with yet another inversion by the Beast System.

The Beast System Forcing us to Eat Locusts

This is one example of how MSM is trying to promote the eating of locusts. (I found the links on page one of a Google search.) I find it interesting that the introduction of cricket powder (locust flour) here in the UK happened a couple of months before the pandemic was announced. As we know now from studying the WEF platform, these two agendas are closely linked.

There are a lot of problems with eating crickets/locusts that I’m not going to go into here. However, I strongly suggest that you do your own research about the bioavailability of the type of protein they contain. You would also do well to look into the risks associated with them being disease carriers.

What I wish to highlight here is simply the fact that as the enemy ramps up destruction, perversion and inversion in every area of our lives, we have a wonderful reminder here in the form of locusts. Depending on the point of view we choose to take, we can either view this as a sign that we are living in end times. OR we can recall the freedom we have in Christ and testify to His goodness to as many people as possible. Because no man knoweth the hour…

You are free to choose

Just as the Israelites were passed over thanks to the blood of the lambs they smeared over their doors in Egypt, so those of us who belong to Jesus Christ will never be enslaved. We simply can’t be.

Nor can they force us to eat locusts. Here’s my top tip for avoiding disease-riddled locust powder: Avoid all processed foods like the plague that they are. You never know what ingredients they have secretly added and hidden by making up new names. Eat simple whole foods. Get your protein from food sources that belong to a proper human diet.

But if you still wish to eat crickets or locusts for whatever reason, please don’t let me stand in your way. That’s the beauty of free will which is the one thing the Beast system is trying so hard to take from us.


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