the threes in love and relationship tarot readings

The Tarot 3’s in Love

In the 3’s we see the birth of something new as a result of the union of two opposing forces. Hence, the 3’s symbolise synthesis, creativity, fulfilment and growth. In love and relationship readings, they indicate a phase of growth and rapid development. 3 of Wands. In love, the 3 of Wands stands for a dynamic relationship where both parties …

Top 5 Ways to Rekindle Love – Tarot Spread

How’s your love life? We all agree that relationships take work and I believe those of us past the falling in love stage long for an infusion of romance in our long-term intimate relationship. None of us expect a Hallmark card to do the trick… so what can we do to rekindle love in our most intimate relationship?

7 Relationship Truths Revealed – Tarot Spread

The 7 Relationship Truths Tarot spread will reveal where you stand with these 7 (not always so) obvious relationship truths. These are fundamental truths that most would agree on but we so easily forget all about in our day-to-day existence… Relationships take work (the input equals the output) – shows your current challenge in this relationship and if there are any …