Dating the Knight of Cups

Looking to date an über romantic guy? Need your man to compose his own love poems for you? The Knight of Cups is the guy for you!

The Knight of Cups is the man who, as a young boy, used to include a handwritten poem in the Mother’s Day card. He is the one who used to get scolded for daydreaming by his teachers, but who stunned the very same teachers with his imaginative art, writing or musical composition.

Often quite shy with the opposite sex, he’s a later bloomer when it comes to dating and getting to any sort of ‘base.’ However, once he gets a handle on lurve, he’s firmly stuck on romance. He’ll never be single for any longer period of time after that. And if he does have singledom enforced on him, he’s constantly yearning for and jonesing after the ever-elusive ‘One.’

Because of his obsession with escaping reality, he may sometimes turn to drugs for relief from the scourge of day-to-day living. If you’re dealing with the addicted Knight of Cups, you may want to look at  8 Types of W*ankers instead.

Pros: He loves romance and won’t spare any trick in the book to woo you.

He is creative and may well inspire you to become more creative too.

He is passionate and this extends to the bedroom. Very, very steamy sessions ahead with this guy!

He is usually faithful.
Cons: Can be emotionally obsessed with the object of his desire.

Jealousy can be a very real problem with this guy.

His escapist tendencies and artistic temperament can make it difficult for him to hold down a job.

If he’s not up, he’s down and if he’s not down, he’s up. There’s very little middle ground and this is something you could potentially find emotionally draining.

Type of date he prefers: A moonlit beach. He’s brought his guitar, of course.

Time from your first date until you introduce him to your parents: About a week if you’re ‘The One.’ He’s probably already moved in by then too. And yes, he’ll be the one moving in with you – straight from his mum’s (no matter what age he is).

Wedding style: Careful. This one could turn into a bit of a groomzilla. He’ll want full control of all the artistic elements of the wedding!

Type of dad he would make: A natural bard and storyteller, your children will find him absolutely fascinating. Nobody but nobody tells a better bedtime story! Just don’t count on him to remember everything on the list when he goes shopping. He probably left the list itself on the dresser rummaging around for his car keys. It’s a bummer if he forgets to buy nappies but the kids will survive.

His best match: The Queen of Pentacles as a) she keeps him grounded and b) already bought an extra pack of nappies on a buy-one-get-one-free offer the week before. His worst match: The Queen of Swords because she a) would think that he’s a waste of space and b) would spare no effort in letting him know how she feels.