Dating the Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands from the Gilded Tarot Royale

The Knight of Wands from the Gilded Tarot Royale by Ciro Marchetti. For a full review of this deck, click HERE.

If the Knight of Wands signifies the one you carry your torch for, you might want to know a bit more about the pros and cons of dating this guy.

He might be a Leo or an Aries or just generally very charismatic and ‘fiery.’  He’s flirty but he can’t help it… right? If he’s mostly a good guy, keep reading. If he’s a bit of an asshole… What are you doing hooking up with him?! Hurry to 8 Types of W*ankers (reversed male courtiers) and get the lowdown there instead.

Pros: He’s fun-loving and knows how to show his date a good time. He’s not afraid of attracting attention and usually doesn’t mind public displays of affection. He can be very generous. Young or not he’s usually sexually experienced which means you’ll have a good time doing the horizontal samba.

Cons: He can also be very selfish. This is not all bad. The Knight of Wands type person can teach us girlies a thing or two about looking out for number one – he’s so very good at it! His sexual prowess means you really should take every precaution to make sure you don’t catch anything.

Type of date he prefers: Action please! Bungy-jumping, ski diving, downhill skiing, paintballing, skinny dipping… You get the picture.

Time from your first date until you introduce him to your parents: Tricky with this one as it may never happen. Commitment isn’t his forte.

Wedding style: Las Vegas, baby! Be prepared for the annulment two days later when he sobers up.

Type of dad he would make: Absentee, most likely… but if he’s around he’ll teach your kid some killer moves on the Xbox. Hide the games with inappropriate age ratings if he’s around younger kids. Discernment isn’t his forte either. The kids will love him though. Basically, he’s a big kid himself.

His best match: The Queen of Wands as a) she won’t put up with his nonsense and b) she’s not likely to get too heavily attached emotionally.

His worst match: The Queen of Pentacles because she would a) expect him to behave responsibly and b) be a good provider.

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  1. At my last event, I had a string of readings with gentlemen who all had the Knight of Wands come up as their ex, current, or future love interest, all lost in the hot sex. Several guys, mind you. By the end of the night, I suspected we were talking about one guy across several different peoples readings, and sure enough, he sat down in my chair, and I again saw these sexually charged relationships, philandering, and I smiled to myself. The pain of other people is not funny, but the way cards can play out IS.

    My husband is a double Sadge, sun and moon, and he has definitely calmed down. Sometimes those Knights just need time to mature into Kings, but wow! What a ride until they do. Great post, Lisa!

  2. This is my story with this current we-don’t-know-we-are-friends-or-lovers guy. He is exactly a big kid and very very direct, and forceful. When I asked him what kind of date he would want his response was something like hiking the mountains, driving around and lunch at a secluded place. He definitely is not scared of public displays of affection. I’m a Queen of Wands, and I guess it makes it worst for us because neither of us can handle impatience and impulsiveness of the other. We are not the kind that will want the we-don’t-know-we-are-friends-or-lovers kind of relationship but we are equally afraid of being vulnerable to each other. I think Queen of Pentacles will bring some sanity and sustainability in him. LOL

    1. Ohhh… interesting! So is he a Fire Sun sign too… or does he have a lot of Fire in his chart? The Queen of Pentacles might do that… or they might end up killing each other before that has a chance to happen! 😛

      1. He’s an Aries Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon. I’m Aries Sun and Mercury. Our birthdays are 1 day apart. Too much fire and too much impulse, haste and adrenaline usually gets in our way that is why its never smooth 😀

      1. it is a lot of work because I don’t like being pushed and he doesn’t know the diplomacy or techniques to do something without forcing his way through (head first) which makes me smile too sometimes. we’re trying.

      1. Lisa –

        LOL It was my own poor hab it of scanning articles that provided the laugh. 😉 We all need to laugh, and it helps if I can learn to laugh at myself! 😉


  3. Great stuff, Lisa, as always! How do you determine the Significator, by GD Decans scheme or by asking the very deck itself which Court denotes him? (I use both, depending on the deck and mood – albeit i usually stick with the latter … because myself by Decans i am Kn oS, while my usual Significaror, which Tarot throws at me regularly – is QoW 😉 )

    1. I do use decans myself and come out as Prince/Knight of Swords (last decan of Capricorn)… but for the purpose of this article, it was more of a ‘feeling thing’… I don’t want to complicate things too much here 😀 The more I get to know myself, the more inclined I am to actually go with the Prince of Swords as my Significator… always on a quest for truth!

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