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Dating the Queen of Cups

I’m very sensitive in real life. I will start to cry if someone is crying, even if it’s not appropriate. I have that thing in me, a weakness or sensitivity.
~ Jessica Chastain

Highly sensitive, receptive, gentle, imaginative and intuitive, this fragile flower of a women epitomises femininity to many men. Because of her extreme receptivity, it becomes easy for others to project onto her their ideals as well as their dislikes.

She can find it difficult to assert herself in a direct manner and often resorts to dealing with people passive-aggressively, or by other forms of manipulation.  B*tch Please (reversed Queens) might come in handy if you want to know more about the shadow aspects of this Queen who can be a lot more vicious than she appears.

Pros: She lets you speak your mind and you feel truly listened to.

She is easy-going and will go along with pretty much whatever you fancy.

She cares when you stub your toe. The Queen of Wands might laugh at you but the Queen of Cups will be there to rub some Arnica cream on it and kiss it better. (Or she will if it doesn’t happen in the middle of her favourite soap opera, in which case she’ll be too absorbed to even notice.)

You’ll always feel like you’re the man in the house.

Her hunches are often spot on, so if you learn to trust them they can help you with anything from advancing your career to seeing the doctor before the cancer spreads.

Cons: To get her way without having to speak her mind, she learns to manipulate others emotionally at a young age.

Tears are her weapon of choice.

It can be tricky to get to know her because of her somewhat nebulous nature.

She prefers daydreams and flights of fancy to housework and easily forgets where she puts things. It helps if you have had police search training if you plan on building a home with the Queen of Cups!

Type of date she prefers: Honestly, as long as you’re happy she’ll be happy. Just don’t take her to see a horror film if you care about her sleep at all.

How to seduce the Queen of Cups: If you truly desire to win this Queen’s heart, then make her feel like the princess she knows she was born to be.

Write her a heartfelt poem or compose a song in her honour and she will feel that you see her soul. It’s extremely important to her to feel deeply connected.

It’s all about the soul connection.

Her best match: The King of Pentacles, because he keeps her grounded. However, the Knight of Cups is the one who will win her heart. She may end up marrying the former and lusting after the latter.

Her worst match: The Knight of Wands a) he wants her body and not her soul and b) thinks she’s faking it (even when she isn’t).