the tarot 8's in love and relationship readings

The Tarot 8’s in Love

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the tarot 8's in love and relationship readings

The number 8 signifies abundance, harvest, transformation, cycles, diligence, prudence, strength, magnanimity, splendour, harvest, manifestation, jealousy and power.

In a relationship reading, the 8 is a number of complexity which often heralds the need for a resolution, either through cutting cords and moving on or through a singular focus. Either way, there is a need for clarity through communication, or else some really weird power dynamics could creep in.

The 8 of Wands. This is the swiftest moving energy out of all the 8’s and perhaps the fastest card in the entire deck. Not only does it move swiftly but with great power behind it.

Things are about to change even though you may not be aware of how quite yet. Many opportunities lie before you and you could have a choice of partners. There is an urgent need to communicate your wants and needs to take the relationship in the desired direction.

Usually, there is great optimism associated with this card. However, if ill-dignified or reversed it may mean misunderstanding and/or ill will or jealousy coming your way. Stagnant relationship energy could be killing your creativity.

To a single person, depending on surrounding cards in the reading, this could very well mean that they will soon have a passionate encounter or that there will be some unexpected developments around someone they have just met. A proposal they can’t resist might come their way. The key is to act quickly or the opportunity might be missed.

In an existing relationship, there are often passionate emotions flying about – sometimes accompanied with an inability to express them in a constructive manner. If this card is the main card in a relationship reading, it could mean that the sexual connection is fabulous but that the rest of the relationship needs seeing to.

8 of Cups. This card is a sure sign that something needs to change drastically in the relationship. You have reached a plateau and one (or both) of you is not happy staying there. Disappointment is tangible and it is likely that people around you are picking up on the fact that you’re not happy in the relationship too.

The enchantment has gone and there is no further growth. At this point you are faced with the choice of seeking professional help, as in relationship counselling, or moving on. It is important that you ask yourself why you are so unhappy and that you are honest about your part in creating this dynamic. Otherwise you risk meeting a new partner but simply recreating the same dynamic.

In a reading for a single person, the 8 of Cups could mean that they have been so disappointed by a relationship in the past that they are reluctant to try again. Or it could simply mean that they have more healing to do before they are ready to meet someone new. Either way, they have their mountain to climb before love can bloom once more.

Physical intimacy is not usually on the menu under the auspice of this card.  If it happens anyway, it’s a soulless act that you’ll find you would have been better without.

The 8 of Swords. Your mind is working overtime and holding you captive. You could be imagining the worst without evidence. The ‘overtime’ turns into fantasies about him cheating. Any time he spends on the computer, you are sure he’s sending messages to other women. You are tempted to go through his pockets and check his mobile/cell phone.

STOP! You are on a negative downward spiral. You need to reintroduce the element of trust and find a way of freeing yourself from suspicion, mistrust and jealousy.

The good news is, it’s all in your mind!

In a single person’s love and romance reading, this card signifies severe self-doubt and comparing oneself to others, perhaps even heavily airbrushed magazine cover models… something completely out of reach to real humans. It’s the head cut off from the heart. There is a need for liberating the mind and reconnecting with the heart. Compassion and loving kindness has to start with Self before the heart can open up to love another.

On a physical level, impotence brought on by mind stress could be indicated by this card.

8 of Pentacles. When this card shows up in a relationship reading, it usually signifies that the energy of one or both people is tied up by work and there might not be a great deal left over for the relationship.

It can also signify increased sensitivity and a need to focus on the details that make every day worth living. Your partner may not be very receptive to what you have to say right now but they will appreciate material help and gifts as well as your caring touch.

Ill-dignified or reversed, the 8 of Pentacles can signify nagging and dissatisfaction even though all the material needs are being met.

In a single person’s reading, the 8 of Pentacles can signify a work connection with a new potential partner or simply being to focused on work to care much about dating.

Physical intimacy is definitely a possibility if this card is upright and or well-dignified. The advice then would be to pay attention to detail. Think about what the other person likes and what. What scenario turns them on? What outfit, scent, materials? This is not a time to be sloppy in your seduction. Neatness and hygiene is also associated with this card.

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  1. A friend of mine asked me to pull cards on his marriage. Using the Gilded Tarot 5 cardsl daily positional spread I pulled the Queen of cups, 8 of wands, 8 of pentacles, king of wands and king of swords. It doesn’t look the happiest to me right now like they’re both so into their careers that the marriage is being a bit neglected.

  2. I used the cards to attempt to manifest a sexy/romantic encounter for the next morning. I pulled the Page of coins, 8 swords, queen of wands, ace of wands, the lovers and 8 of wands. This is for a new romantic interest.

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      Hi Marilyn, What spread did you use? Are there positional meanings? Did you pull the cards randomly or choose them face up? Are you predicting as well as manifesting… and do you have a question for me? If you are looking for help with interpreting your spread, you need to provide your own interpretation first. Cheers, Lisa

      1. Hi. Thank you for your response. I’m extremely new at tarot. Usually I pull cards and get others to interpret if I’m able to get feedback. I used the Vanessa Tarot spread. I can relate to the divas better. i shuffled the cards and oylled with them starting face down and turned them over as i went. I’m not looking for a sexual encounter just yet but a more intimate encounter where its just he and i in the room alone. I’ve been told that I’m a brilliant manifest so i decided to try the tarot for the first time. I feel that the page of coins have to do with me being so curious about the encounter and being with him as mates eventually. The 8 of swords may have to do with the limitations i have placed on myself but need more confidence, i think. The wueen of wands might be me. I’m strong willed and go after what i want. The other cards i take it to mean i have accomplished what i have set out for. We’ll see this morning. What do you think?

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          Sorry, but unless you outline each of the positional meanings for the cards, I can’t really comment. The Vanessa Tarot spread is not one I have come across. What you’ve said about the individual cards sounds spot on though.

          1. Being new to this I’m not sure what you mean by outline each of the positional cards. Would you explain please? I’m a little out in the wilderness with this.

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            I mean that you need to tell me what each position is in the spread you used for each of the cards you pulled as the meaning of the card in the reading is dependent on the positional meaning. For instance, a three card spread could have the positional meanings mind-body-spirit or past-present-future.

            1. 1. Page of coins 2. 8 of swords 3. Queen of wands 4. Ace of wands 5. The lovers 6. 8 of wands.
              These are the positions that i pulled the cards in. If this is still wrong then I try and study it more. Thank you.

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            You have just given me the order of the cards, not the actual positional meanings. What does the Vanessa Tarot spread about card number one? etc…. Unless it’s a purely intuitive 5 card draw each of the cards will have a meaning and that is what I need to know in order to help you. Please re-read my previous comment with the sample 3-card spread positional meanings. That should clear any confusion.

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      1. Hi thnx for your reply.
        I asked the cards the future of a relationship. And i did a simple spread with 4 cards cuz im new with tarot.

        The past was knight of cups
        The present was 4 of wands
        The future outcome was the tower followed by the 8 of wands

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  3. thanks…t his is very good… what meens the star with 8 of swords in future in love??? i am single and very confused abaut this combo.

    thanks …i love your posts

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