Rider Waite Tarot - the fives

The Tarot 5’s in Love

Rider Waite Tarot - the fives

The number 5 stands for crisis, evolution, conflict, aggression, communication, healing, learning through the senses, the quest for freedom and a love for adventure.

Romantically, the 5’s in the Minor Arcana touch on the need for freedom in one way or another. The issues highlighting this could be jealousy or power plays of one for or another. The lessons are mostly about letting go and blessing the other on their path

When a 5 shows up in a love and relationship reading, it doesn’t have to mean the end of the relationship but it does mean a major road bump that has to be navigated before you can move on to the next and higher level.

The 5 of Wands. This 5 is usually a sign that there is a battle of egos going on. It could show up in a reading where both partners are quite competitive and like to be on top. This doesn’t have to mean anything too sinister and in fact, if both parties have a humorous approach and are able to make light of themselves, this could actually be quite a fun component. It’s likely that there is a lot of sexual chemistry between these two but they may have to spend time apart and sexual frustration could be an issue.

In a single person’s reading about love and romance, this 5 usually indicates strong, non reciprocated desire for another person. The other person could be spoken for or simply not interested.

The 5 of Cups. Jealousy or power plays could have driven two lovers apart as this card signifies an element of loss and regret. If this card comes up in a reading for a couple who are still living together, it could signify that someone is paying way too high a price for the presence of the other and are having their heart quietly broken because of it. Relationship counselling would be a good next move.

In a reading for a single person, this card usually indicates the need for some serious heart-healing before they are ready to move on and start dating again.

The 5 of Swords. The aggression and competitive element found in the 5 of Wands has turned really nasty here. Someone is hellbent on getting the upper hand and there is no room for love any more. When this card shows up in a reading, it’s time to take stock of what you can take with you before you get the hell out as quickly as possible. The other person doesn’t have your best interests at heart – It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. You will notice that everything you say to them can and will be turned against you.

In a reading for a single person, this card means that they need to start moving in different social circles if they are hoping to meet someone nice.

The 5 of Pentacles. Outer circumstances, financial troubles or health issues could be putting a serious damper on your relationship. This doesn’t mean it’s time to bail – it simply means it’s time to taker a closer look at the meaning ‘for worse’ in your wedding vows. You can overcome anything as a couple if you work together and seek appropriate help, whether it be legal, medical or financial. The key is communication.

In a single person’s romance reading, this card could indicate that they don’t feel worthy because they are not rich enough (usually male) or pretty enough (usually female)… or possibly not well/healthy enough (both sexes). It’s time to learn how to see with eyes of compassion and to stop comparing yourself to others.