The 7's from the Age of Aquarian Tarot

The Tarot 7’s in Love

The 7's from the Age of Aquarian Tarot


The number 7 is a magickal and mystical number. It’s a known as the bridge number between the celestial 3 (Holy Trinity) and earthly 4 (four corners of the world). The number 7 has been revered as a number of great mystical power for thousands of years. There are 7 days of the week and the colours of the rainbow are 7. Traditional Astrology recognises 7 planets as influencing our lives. The human body has 7 chakras which each correspond to one of the 7 musical notes on the Western scale.

It’s a number of planning, strategy and analysis but also of confusion, illusion and delusion. It tends to spiritualise things and sometimes creates a spiritual by-pass, preventing issues to be dealt with thoroughly. It can create an egocentric and ‘kooky’ personality which tends to isolate itself but on the other hand, it can also generate a person with high ideals who leads a life of selfless service.
In general, the lessons of the 7’s require perseverance, patience and altered perception (from the mud of the ego to the open lotus flower of the higher self).

In love relationships, the 7’s usually relate more to the inner journey of the self, as well as the outer manifestation of steps taken on the path of one’s life purpose, than to communion and exchange between you and your beloved. There is a decidedly vertical ‘as above, so below’ feel to the energy of all the 7’s.

In general, the 7’s take the focus off the relationship and onto individual issues, especially issues concerning spiritual growth and service. It points out the need for focused effort… single-mindedness, even. That’s not to say that this energy won’t affect the relationship – it most certainly does…

7 of Wands. You need to find a way of expressing yourself creatively and to not use the relationship or your partner as a ‘crutch.’ You may be involved in tough competition at work or putting a lot of effort into seeing a creative project to the end in spite of being surrounded by nay-sayers. Coping with the demands of a lover may be too much right now.

If ill-dignified or reversed, there are some serious self-confidence issues going on and it’s possible that you look for recognition as ‘Mrs so-and-so’ rather than as an individual in your own right.

Sexually, this Mars in Leo card is very potent. Perhaps this is where you need to channel all your frustration?

7 of Swords. If this card describes your relationship or the person you are seeing, count on an element of deception! This is one of the truly nasty cards to see in a relationship reading and it doesn’t matter which way it is turned. The truth is being concealed on purpose and someone is trying to gain the upper hand by hiding vital facts from you.

For yourself, this card indicates a need to analyse the situation and make plans… but beware! You could be deceiving yourself. Is there someone you could ask for help to gain more insight into your situation?

7 of Cups. There may be delusion and confusion but no intentional deceit with this card. The energy of this card is an expression of an overflow of subconscious material floating to the surface and the clear skies of the mind to mist over.

There is a need to withdraw, reflect and meditate. Meditations on being the Observer is highly recommended. Becoming the Observer is a process of detachment which enables a bird’s-eye perspective. Study the work and philosophy of transpersonal psychologist and father of PsychosynthesisRoberto Assagioli, if you are interested in learning more about this.

Be understanding of your partner if this card shows up for him/her as it means that they are in a deep process of transformation. Give him/her all the space they need and show your support without pressing for communication since it’s not likely that they are at the stage where they have clear enough understanding of what’s going on to put words on it.

The 7 of Pentacles. This is the patience card in the deck! Difficulty is implied and whatever this concerns, you can count on resolving the situation or achieving your goal will take time. Physical limitations in terms of abundance, time and space are indicated.

What you planted a while back might have been overrun with weeds. You have a choice: you can either buckle down and do the (belated) weeding now and hope to rescue a future harvest or risk losing it all.

If this describes your relationship, you need to take time out and put some serious effort into getting things back on track. Remind yourself why you fell in love with your partner in the first place. Rekindle romance by re-introducing sensual pleasures and perhaps revisiting some of your favourite haunts from when you first started seeing each other.

Right now it probably feels like you’re on a 10 mile hike through the Sahara and forgot to pack your water bottle. If someone who didn’t forget theirs passes by, don’t be afraid to ask for sip. That way you’ll make it to the next oasis.