The Tarot 6’s in Love


6s tarot of hidden realm

The number 6 stands for centeredness, fullness, union, truth, harmony, equilibrium, beauty, peace, integration, reconciliation and balance.

In love and relationship readings, the positive aspects are generally very positive by virtue of the correspondence to the sphere of beauty and splendour on the Tree of Life. This is a harmonious energy but it also indicates transience, not of love – which is eternal – but of its expressions. It is in love’s nature to grow and the growth process invariably means moving from harmony to a state of being outside one’s comfort zone.. In other words, enjoy it while it lasts!

6 of Wands. Although this card, in its negative aspect, can indicate the kind of pride that goes before fall and leads to untold pain and suffering in a relationship, it usually means great mutual enjoyment and lots of fun. This 6 corresponds to Jupiter in Leo so, as a couple, you are likely to want to have a good time. You could be planning a great night out, a weekend get-away or even a holiday abroad.

The good times are rolling and sexual chemistry is high. This is definitely one of the cards that indicates that the sap is rising. Make sure that you wear clothes that can handle a bit of rough undressing and doesn’t have too many complicated buttons.

Reversed or ill-dignified, this card could indicate that pride is getting in the way of straight-forward communication. One or both of you could be engaged in psychological patterns of withholding and choosing to shut your hearts down. However, it can also mean that one of you is suffering with low self-esteem after having been demoted or even laid off at work, which in turn is affecting the relationship. Try to be understanding of your partner if this is the case and don’t take it personally!

To a single person, the 6 of Wands could simply mean that your confidence is high and that you’re enjoying life. Perhaps you have recently been promoted or received other kind of recognition at work. Either way, your confidence levels are currently boosting your pulling power (unless the card is reversed, of course, which could indicate that you need to change your self-talk.)

6 of Cups. The 6 of Cups is the soul mate card in the deck since it signifies an emotional bond that survives death. You can read about the significance of this card in soul mate readings and in combination with other cards HERE.

It’s usually a sign of great emotional intimacy in the relationship. If it shows up reversed, it could be a sign that you are hankering after a past love. Ill-dignified it could be a sign that you two are star-crossed lovers.

To a single person it could indicate that they long for and/or are about the meet their soul mate. Surrounding cards will tell you which. More love card combinations can be found HERE.

The 6 of Cups brings the qualities of ecstasy and intoxication to the bedroom. Be careful if this card shows up when you’re just looking for ‘a good time.’ You could get hooked!

6 of Sword. For a couple, this card is usually an indication that you give each other a lot of intellectual freedom and that you are able to tolerate the other person’s views even if you don’t agree with them. You find the company of your partner intellectually stimulating and you value bonding through the mind.

Reversed or ill-dignified, this card could indicate intolerance and narrow-mindedness which is likely to cause a relationship break-down. Respect is quickly eroded without tolerance and there can be no love without respect.

To a single person, this card could indicate that they could meet someone on an online forum where they bond over a hobby or area of interest. It could also indicate that they need to be mindful of intellectual compatibility in a future partner – this is extra important to people with a lot of Air in their birth charts. The Air signs are Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

Sexually, the 6 of Swords is daring you to broaden your horizons and try something new. Dare to experiment! It’s OK to explore different techniques if you feel safe to do so and remember that in the end, the love you share is more important than physical satisfaction.

6 of Coins/Pentacles. To someone already in a relationship, this card means that you and your partner are getting along very well. You are generous toward each other and want what’s best for the other person. Use this happy time and the strength of the current state of affairs to laid solid foundations for the future. If you, as a couple, are thinking about starting a family business, this card is a solid ‘yes’ from the Universe.

Reversed or ill-dignified, this card could mean that someone is taking advantage of you. A prenup could be a good idea if you still feel the need to walk them down the aisle.

To a single person, this card could indicate getting involved in charity work for possibly meeting someone new.

On a more intimate note, since this card corresponds to the Moon in Taurus (where it is exalted), you have a very good chance to bond emotionally through sensual pleasure under the auspice of this card.