the threes in love and relationship tarot readings

The Tarot 3’s in Love

the threes in love and relationship tarot readings

In the 3’s we see the birth of something new as a result of the union of two opposing forces. Hence, the 3’s symbolise synthesis, creativity, fulfilment and growth.

In love and relationship readings, they indicate a phase of growth and rapid development.

3 of Wands. In love, the 3 of Wands stands for a dynamic relationship where both parties are free to express themselves. There is mutual respect and a lot of outward directed energy and creativity with this dynamic duo.

You are encouraged to speak your mind and share yourself with the other freely. If you’re thinking of asking someone out, this is a green light as you’re likely to have a really fun time together.

For a single person, this card indicates that getting yourself out there and networking could lead to developments in your personal life (depending on surrounding cards).

Reversed or ill-dignified, the 3 of Wands could be and indication of lack of mutual respect and support. It could mean it’s time to move on.

On an intimate level, this is a wonderful card for fun and frolics – no room for kink or getting too experimental.

3 of Cups. The 3 of Cups is the card you want to show up if you have planned a romantic getaway. This is a sweet energy that tends to get raunchier if fuelled by drink.

If you’re single and wanting to date, you really can’t afford to turn down party invitations when this card shows up.

It’s a card of whispering sweet nothings and making the other person blush. It’s a card of dancing the night away and sharing breakfast together the next morning. With The Lovers and/or The Hierophant you could expect wedding bells eventually if you keep having breakfast together.

However, if it shows up reversed or ill dignified, it could be a sign that your lover is sharing himself this way with more than one person. Monogamy might not be their forte.

Under the duvet, this card is a promise of a mutually satisfying time. Crank Barry White up and get down!

3 of Swords. “Uh-oh”. That’s usually the reaction I get when I see this card in a relationship reading. The very best possible interpretation of this sorrowful card is a forced, temporary situation. Perhaps he’s been stationed abroad.

But usually it just means rejection, separation, loss and utter hopelessness. You don’t just feel that you are being unfairly treated – you are being unfairly treated. You have to find a way of changing the balance in your favour. Or you have to when you have stopped crying.

You can’t affect the other person or their decisions but you can heal your own heart and make sure that things are different the next time. The truth hurts sometimes. You usually come away from a 3 of Swords lesson realising that you have some self-improvement work to do in order to manifest lasting love.

For recently single people, this card usually indicates that now is not a good time to start dating again. Much healing is needed first.

There is no intimacy or change of meanings with reversals for this card. The tarot wouldn’t reflect life if it sugar-coated everything, now would it?

3 of Disks. Too much work and maybe not enough play could be indicated with this card. You probably look good in public. Stuff like that is important to both of you… but how much fun are you having?

All relationships go through phases. This is a phase when one or both of you is focusing on getting the work done. You could be involved in a taxing project. You could be feeling as if your spouse is ‘married to work.’

To single people, this card combined with the 2 of Cups or the Knight of Cups could indicate that you’ll meet someone through work.

Reversed or ill dignified, the 3 of Disks could signify that someone has taken advantage of you sexually and/or financially.

On an intimate level, this card could indicate a ménage à trois.


The Cheating 3’s

All of the 3’s could potentially indicate the involvement of a third party. Look for proximity to The Devil or the 7 of Swords in the spread.