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The Tarot 2’s in Love

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When I first started learning the Tarot, I struggled with the message of the 2’s. I was told 2’s were about choices and integrating polarities. Now that I have studied some more and worked with relationship readings for many years, I have come to realise that the 2’s are easier to grasp if we learn to look at them from the point of view of relating.

If Aces are seeds or the beginning of something then the 2’s are how you relate to this gift or how two people relate to it in the context of a relationship.

2 of Wands - Thoth TarotThe surge of energy and passion that comes with the 2 of Wands is not easily contained because it abhors the physical limitations imposed on it once it descends from the lightning planes. But without these limitations, we would not be able to channel the gift of the Ace into reality.

In the relationship, the 2 of Wands often denotes frustration. It can relate to repressed sexual energy and/or anger.

At its best, this 2 is symbolic of a high energy relationship where two competitive partners are pulling together.

There is often a dynamic of partners vying for control when this card shows up in a reading. Both want to lead and absolutely no one wants to follow.

This highly charged energy can lead to some fun, playfully aggressive times under the duvet with huge release of pent-up energy upon climax.



2 of Cups - Thoth TarotIn some ways the 2 of Cups serves to illustrate the concept of relating because here we find, for the first time on our journey through the Minors, deep emotional heart-to-heart relating and intimacy.

This card symbolises reciprocal love – the beloved beholding and being beheld by the beloved. Because of the intensity of this experience, lovers in love easily get lost to the world.

The shadow aspect of this card is the ‘clinging vine syndrome’ and co-dependency. The antidote is to develop a strong sense of self.

A relationship under the auspice of the 2 of Cups signifies two people who are willing to yield and compromise. Their own needs become subordinate to the need of communion with the beloved. On the flip side, these two might be compromising their core needs, in which case this state will be limited in time.

In an intimate setting, this card symbolises gazing into the eyes of the beloved and also having a feeling of completely merging with the beloved in a kiss.


2 of Swords - Thoth TarotIs he/she good for you? Is this relationship compatible with your life goals?

With the 2 of Swords, doubt might creep into the relationship. This is not necessarily a bad thing as doubt can be the seed of discernment.

The 2 of Swords is essentially a tool for aligning the head and the heart. It seeks peace and will eventually cut out that which disturbs the balance. But until it has made its mind up, there can be a feeling of stalemate in the relationship.

This is not so much a card of intimacy as of withholding intimacy. However, should you end up in bed with this card, as it were, the energy will be considerate and ‘diplomatic.’ You’ll probably fall asleep with the same tension you brought with you to the lovemaking.




2 of Pentacles - Thoth TarotThe 2 of Disks/Pentacles is often said to denote stress. However, this is only true if you struggle with accepting change. Change and the need to make the right choices in order to move forward are part and parcel of this card.

The energy of this card can be very life-affirming and show that you are stepping out into the world as a couple, determined to succeed in the material sense of the word.

You could be moving or one of you could be facing a big career decision. One or both of you could feel a strong urge to break free from routines. This is an indication that you need to find ways of supporting each other through times of change.

The shadow aspect of this card is stress and lack of focus. Picture a juggler who is not able to keep all the balls in the air but keeps dropping them. If this affects one of you, it will also be affecting the relationship.

In the most intimate aspect of your relationship, this card could indicate that it’s time to start spicing things up a bit in the bedroom if you’re stuck in a rut. Or it could mean that one or both of you are too focused on work to be interested going there.




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  1. Very nice. Excellent take on the two’s. I did recently hear that the 2 of Swords can represent someone keeping people away and not wanting to see the truth of the matter. But with all of the cards, I am sure we can submit more meanings for each. You have great perspective.

    1. Thank you, Cynthia. Absolutely, this post does not in any way claim to be exhaustive 🙂 I love hearing what additional meanings people have found for the cards – especially based on direct reading experience.

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