New Moon in Virgo Channelled Message from Spirit

New Moon in Virgo Message from Spirit

New Moon in Virgo Message from Spirit 2019

The 2019 New Moon in Virgo

The Moon is New in Virgo on Friday, 30 August at 11:37 AM BST (UK time). A New Moon is a great time to set the intention to harness the momentum of the energy of that particular lunation to manifest new beginning in the corresponding area of our lives. In the case of Virgo, we get momentum for manifesting new beginnings relating to health, work (the daily grind) and divine service.

This New Moon on Friday is a Black Super New Moon, so the energy is extra powerful. This is as close as the Moon is going to get all of 2019! Unlike when there is a Super Full Moon, you will not be able to observe this lunation in the sky. The New Moon technically takes place during the Dark Moon phase, before the first comma-shaped sliver of Moon becomes visible in the night sky.

For an astro update about all that this lunation brings, I recommend tuning into Pam Gregory’s most excellent lunar forecast.

New Moon in Virgo Channelled Message from Spirit

New Moon in Virgo Channelled Message from Spirit
Mother Mary Oracle and Angel Power Wisdom Cards

Beloved Children of the Light, I AM your eternally beloved Mother, accompanied today by the Archangel Gabriel.

We see that many of you are in need of comfort at this time. You want to be of service but your emotions are giving you trouble. Observe and accept this. I am here to comfort you. Now is not the time to give up. You are only getting started with your mission.

Do not be discouraged. Lift your hearts up to the Light to be healed. Allow the Light to transmute your tears to compassion. Let any tears fall freely now. A powerful release is happening during this Dark Moon. Your hearts are becoming tender once more. Anger is just a precursor to this deep release. It is the resistance to those tears. Do not stop at anger. Do not stop at despair. Do not stop until you are on the other side of those tears.

Surrender in the moment (yes now) and ask Archangel Gabriel how you can use these emotions creatively instead of viewing them as blocks to what you are currently desiring to manifest. Your emotions are all treasures, every single one of them. Some of them are simply to enjoy, while others are powerful teachers about your power as a soul alchemist. Savour all of them. None of them need be stumbling blocks if you keep lifting them up and into the light of your conscious awareness.

Everything that is happening in your life on a personal level is happening for the benefit of All. Do not go into overwhelm as this awareness dawns on you with ever increasing clarity. I am here to help you return to a state of balance, harmony and peace that passes all understanding. As you become Christed, your primary desire will be to return to this peace, moment by moment.

So it is. The transmission is complete.


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Love and Light,

Lisa Frideborg

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