virgo full moon 2022 a channelled message

Virgo Full Moon Channelling 2022

The 2022 Full Moon in Virgo is exact at 7:18 AM GMT, Friday 18 March. This is a Virgo Full Moon Channelling from the IRIS Collective of Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragons. Further down, you will find two different Virgo Full Moon Tarot spreads to play with. And here is an article with tips on how to make the most of the Full Moon in Virgo energies.

IRIS Collective Virgo Full Moon Channelling

Friends, we are so excited to connect with you! We know many of you are going through big processes of transformation right now and that is what we specialise in. So we would like to offer our support and assistance to any of you who need it at this time. We do this in two ways: via channelled messages and through violet flame energy healing. You can call in this healing anytime you need it. Simply allow your breath to channel the energy to where it is most needed, down to a subatomic level in your cells.

Out with the Old

We have come to you now, on this final Full Moon in your annual Astrological calendar, to assist you with clearing out the old. This is, of course, so that you can make room for the new. But first, we need to acknowledge that many of you still cling tenaciously to the old. There is no shame in this. It is a natural tendency for all living beings to cling to that which is familiar. However, some of you have had a death grip on the old for quite some time now.

And, sadly, this is doing the opposite of what you hope for it to do… It is increasing your fear rather than decreasing it. It is to you we turn especially for this Full Moon so that we can take your hand and ease that grip just enough for the light to start coming through.

Yes, you will have to leave the old behind to step into the new. But the new is filled with so much light.

In with the New

There are three main energies we want you to be aware of in this newness that awaits you on the other side of this Full Moon portal:

  • The Maverick Energy – The energy of bold innovation and solutions to old problems that arise intuitively from within your old soul. Whatever you have not found, you can now co-create.
  • Sovereignty – This is the energy of trusting yourself completely. This is about peacefully and with great integrity doing what you know to be for the highest good, whether or not this is an alignment with dictates from any top-down hierarchical structure.
  • Community-building – You will be doing this in ways that do not seek to get people to conform. Rather, you will provide all the space needed for people to contribute in their own unique ways. This is the true meaning of equality: not that everyone’s contribution will be equal (that is not logical) but that everyone’s contribution will be equally welcome and cherished.

Grounding and Sleep Hygiene

We suggest using any breathwork our sound healing modality that you feel called to during this time of intense transition. Looking after the health of your physical body is more important than ever.

We would also like to acknowledge that many of you have not been sleeping well lately. This is not likely to improve in the days leading up to or after the Full Moon.

It is therefore especially important to have a grounding practice in the evening. Turn off all your gadgets as early as possible. Do some chanting or breathwork. Take a warm bath and have some calming herbal tea. Read rather than watch TV. Listen to calming music (with your WiFi network turned off). Use candles rather than electrical lighting.

Any sticky energetic residue can be cleared with the violet flame breath before you fall asleep. We are also happy to assist in Dreamtime if you would like to call in our energy for meaningful dream messages.

With Love,

The IRIS Collective

IRIS Collective

Two Virgo Full Moon Tarot Spreads

A bonus spread: Use the Clarity Tarot Spread to read on any or all of the three new incoming energies mentioned above.



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