Why Would a Christian Need a Tarot Reading?

Why Would a Christian Need a Tarot Reading?

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Does a Christian need a Tarot reading?

Strictly speaking, no. You don’t need a Tarot reading. Jesus is enough and you are safe with Him. His Holy Spirit guides and strengthens you. Equally, you could argue that if you have Jesus, you do not need exercise or medicine to live either.

The thing is, if you lay on your death bed and decided to follow Jesus, you could fall asleep peacefully and never have to worry about a thing. Like the thief on the cross, you would wake up with Jesus in Paradise. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your vantage point), most of us have a whole life ahead of us.

This means keeping all parts of us in tip-top shape so that we can make the most of every opportunity. You are the steward of the bit of creation you have been entrusted with and this includes (at a minimum) a physical body, a psyche/soul, a mind and a spirit.

But What About the Church?

If you have some non-medical issue, shouldn’t you just go to your church elder, priest or pastor? Sure, you could do that if you know that their pastoral training has equipped them to care for your soul/psyche rather than in a place that facilitates spiritual bypass.

In my own experience, some of my worst religious wounding comes from entrusting my soul into the hands of church elders who do not know themselves and who do not really have an interest in my soul beyond knowing that it is ‘saved.’ That’s not to say their intentions haven’t been good or loving; it’s just that they never learned how to speak the language of the soul.

But What About the Bible?

The Bible is wonderful and can be wonderfully therapeutic. It can also cause confusion or worsen confusion when we are already feeling vulnerable/anxious and don’t know how to interpret a judgmental passage that we randomly opened the Bible to.

The Bibe can speak to spirit, mind and soul within us but only if we know how to open the soul to the let the Word in.

As wonderful and Holy Spirit-inspired as the Bible is, it was never meant to replace all other sources of healing or information. The Bible speaks of symbolic art used in the Temple because the art itself was important. Art and symbols speak directly to the soul in a way that words simply can’t.

Enter the Tarot

In the Tarot Major Arcana, we find a blueprint for the soul’s journey in life. The first three cards provide the key about how to understand this journey:

  • The Fool represents every single living human being. The Fool is you, in the flesh, carrying the gifts of mind, soul and spirit you were born with. In Medieval Christian morality plays, Everyman was represented by a fool or jester.
  • The Magician represents the mind’s awareness that we are separate from Source/God. This separate ‘I’ can then begin a dialogue with God. This is differentiated consciousness that acts as a bridge between the realm of the flesh and the realm of the divine.
  • The High Priestess represents the awareness of the soul that we are missing our Beloved. This goes much deeper than the mind’s awareness. This psychic awareness can awaken most easily in dreamtime and that is why the Beloved often gives our souls messages when we are dreaming.

With the help of the Magician and the High Priestess, the Fool can begin to navigate the earthly realm on his spiritual quest for wholeness, just as soon as The Empress has provided him with a suit of flesh.

The High Priestess

The language of the High Priestess is symbols, which is obviously why she so easily connects with the Divine in dreamtime. In waking consciousness, this faculty can be activated by art and symbols.

This is the reason why Tarot readers often see the High Priestess as symbolising them and/or the work they do with the Tarot.

Be the Fool

To ask for a Tarot reading is like approaching the High Priestess for guidance that your normal waking consciousness may not very easily tap into. The reason for this is that both the world and the church have programmed us to ignore this part of ourselves, in favour of left-brained thinking and (sadly) spiritual bypass.

When you enter the domain of the High Priestess, be prepared to have aspects of yourself revealed in a way that shows you new and deeper layers, even though the aspects themselves may not be new to you.

To be the Fool in the presence of the High Priestess is to approach her with an open mind and reverence because in the Bible she is Lady Wisdom spoken of in Proverbs. The scriptural language used to describe her is mystical, symbolic and allegorical for the reason that straight-up factual descriptions would fall short!

The Cave of Lady Wisdom

The other night, I had a dream that took me to the cave of the High Priestess. I got there in the back of a car of a middle-aged male who turned out to be a reckless driver. Just at the point when I started doubting that I would reach my destination in one piece, he stopped abruptly at the mouth of a cave.

It turns out this was the surprise destination at the end of my perilous and reckless journey. Delighted, I lowered myself into the cave where beautiful torches adorned the walls. The light inside the cave was soft and inviting. I was just about to start exploring the cave when electric lights were turned on and the tour guide told me that I would have to wait because of COVID restrictions.

Then I woke up.

Dream Interpretation

The reckless driver was my logical, left-brained way of approaching life that had begun to dominate completely. This, thankfully, led to a state of depression which gave me the impetus to start reevaluating some of the choices I had made. More specifically, it made me realise that cutting myself off from my psyche/intuitive self had been a really dumb (and yes, reckless!) move.

The abrupt ending to the journey is symbolic of how quickly I was able to reorganise my inner life and rebalance the logos-psyche, as soon as I recognised what was going on.

The cave is the womb of the Divine Feminine, the halls of the High Priestess where instantly felt so at home.

Lights coming on and the tour guide announcing the COVID restrictions showed me how this whole year had been for me, not something that happened to me. The reason this is helpful is that it helped remove me from an ever-increasing sense of duality that was creeping in when I denied the intuitive part of myself. It was also a bit of almost comic relief – I tend to take things a bit too seriously and never more so than this year.

The Journey Back to My Intuitive Self

If you are trapped in dualistic thinking because of religious influences, you might find the following blog posts helpful. I just realised that they almost form a map back to the intuitive self.

Feel free to share these resources when any Christians you know who feel bad for being intuitive!

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