tarot prayer 1

Tarot Prayer I

The Magician – The Chariot

O Holy Spirit, teach me the true meaning of ‘Thy will be done,’ so that the below becomes as the above.

Teach me to not fear the silence but to befriend it. Help me to trust it and know when to keep it.

May the perfect trinitarian dance of harmony be perfected through my embodiment and all that I give birth to.

Help me to realise the full potential of my sovereign being-ness so that I may become a good steward.

Establish in me a Wisdom Path that originates in the tradition of the Wise but that is not afraid to explore and veer off into the unknown.

Open my eyes to see that in each moment I get to choose whom I am in a relationship with: Love or Fear. Fear begets fear and Love begets love.

Show me the balance of discipline and and letting go of control.


Lisa Frideborg

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