aquarius full moon tarot reading for the collective

Aquarius Full Moon 2021 Tarot Reading for the Collective

Aquarius Full Moon Tarot Reading for the Collective

In yesterday’s post which includes a Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot spread, we looked at the central themes for this lunation. In today’s post, I’m doing a Full Moon in Taurus Tarot reading for the collective. The decks we are working with are the brand new The Magic of Unicorns Oracle and the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

Aquarius Full Moon Tarot Reading for the Collective

You are a Spirit Warrior. Between the time of this Full Moon in Aquarius and the next one in August (a Blue Moon), you will have your mettle tested. Therefore set your intentions now to act only for the Highest Good. Seek clarity so that you can set very clear intentions for what you wish to manifest.

Perhaps the most important thing you can focus on now is integrity and cohesion between your thoughts, words and actions. Because you are a Spirit Warrior, you have plenty of support on the other side of the veil. Call in your Spirit Team, Guardian Angel and the Unicorns (if you work with them) to support you over the next few weeks.

Decree your vision to the Cosmic Forces that can assist you. As a Lightworker, you have the authority to command the Angels and the Unicorns. They are awaiting your commands and they can help you prepare for the test that is to come.

6 of Swords – Queen of Cups – Ace of Swords

From the Tarot, we have proof that the two Full Moons in Aquarius can help us gain momentum for liberty. This is clearly seen in the 6 of Swords. The challenge is to detach (Queen of Cups) and to not become sentimental about the world that is falling away now. ‘Detached compassion’ are the keywords I’ve been given by Spirit for these lunations. And we can see this theme clearly in the cards above.

The Ace of Swords assures us of victory if we follow the guidance above. It also serves as a reminder that the war is far from over… It’s only just getting started. We must steel ourselves and become immune to the gaslighting and carrot and stick games used by the tyrants to create psychological dammage.

So how do we become resilient? We adapt and we rewrite the narrative. This is not the end of the world. It’s part of a natural cycle. The events that lead us here started decades ago. We are watching the fall of a civilisation. All civilisations must fall. This much we know from history. These are ‘interesting times‘ for sure!

Do Not Despair

But does this mean that we have to be in a perpetual state of despair? No. The 6 of Swords is Mercury (mind/intellect) in Aquarius and this is the key. We must take charge of our minds so that they are not continually catastrophising. Detach from the drama and take the bird’s eye view. We also do this by staying connected to the Source of our spiritual power.

When we understand that we are in the midst of a naturally occuring cycle and that there is little we have power to change at an individual level, we can still choose to be of service. This is what sages and spiritual leaders/warriors have always done.

Peace be with you and do not let anything disturb that peace!


Lisa Frideborg

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