july 2021 reading for the collective

July 2021 Reading for the Collective

July 2021 Reading for the Collective

The July 2021 message from Spirit for the collective comes in via the I Ching of Love Oracle and the Golden Tarot of the Tsar. (CLICK HERE for your July 2021 Tarotscopes)

A spiritual breakthrough and a collective victory for Love are possible in July. This is only possible if we do not stoop to their level. We cannot defeat the darkness in any other way than shining our light. We also need to ensure that we direct the light into the future. When we do so with a vision of a freer and more compassionate society, we no longer feed the forces of evil.

These forces feed on our reactivity and negativity. They have been leading the masses in a backward dance for a long time. The tables can begin turning in July. But rather than us leading them and forcing them to dance backward, we have a chance of simply making them irrelevant. We can form a circle of love instead and weave a new society through dancing this way instead. When enough of us have a positive focus, the dark forces simply cease to be relevant. If that thought makes your heart expand as you read this, it’s because it’s TRUE.

Love and Justice

Accountability and justice are byproducts of living from the heart and need not be our primary focus. Love has an intelligence that cannot help but create justice. However, when the heart allows itself to be corrupted by evil then justice is not possible however much we pursue it. Wishing for severe punishments for the evildoers is a waste of precious life force energy. Wish them love and consciousness any time you think of them.

Hexagram 43 is titled ‘Determination‘ and the 6th line is a changing line which renders 1 ‘Creative Power

The Soul Alchemy that can take place for the collective is one that will help us reach the tipping point in terms of creating a loving future and allowing the Age of the Holy Spirit to take root… IF, and it’s a BIG if, we are determined to keep LOVE our focus and future direction.

The Tarot cards are Temperance, 6 of Pentacles and Ace of Cups


Lisa Frideborg