may 2022 tarot and oracle forecast spirit warriors

May 2022 Tarot and Oracle Forecast for Spirit Warriors

may 2022 tarot and oracle forecasts

After publishing the May 2022 Tarotscopes, Spirit has been quite insistent that there is a general message for the month of May as well. This message goes out to support all Starseeds, Lightworkers and Spirit Warriors in May 2022. The reason for the urgency is that May will be a pivotal month for many of you. This forecast actually begins on the last day of April, with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. The effect of an eclipse can set the tone for the next six months.

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An Activation of the Third Eye

This eclipse will be especially acutely felt for those of you with a Taurus-Scorpio nodal axis or planets/angles in fixed signs around 10 degrees. The central theme for Lightworkers and Starseeds in the month of May is an activation of the Third Eye chakra. ‘You may think you’ve seen it all but you ain’t seen nothing yet,’ Spirit is saying.

For this activation to take place, please use the Dark Moon days before the New Moon Solar Eclipse to clear and release any blocked emotions. This is especially important for those of you who feel creatively blocked right now. You may even wish to try some form of fasting. It is not necessary to fast entirely from food for a fast to be successful. You can decide to fast from social media, for instance. The key factor to consider is to clear mental clutter so perform the type of fast that best achieves that for you.

The reason this message is going out well in time for the New Moon is so that you can prepare for your fast, my spirit team informs me.

Forgiveness and Letting Go

Fasting also facilitates a release of emotions. If you find it difficult to forgive, you may be surprised how much easier it gets after a couple of days of water fasting. The reason for this is that when we are faced with our own frailness, we automatically become more compassionate. You can boost the ego with food and drink–in particular by consuming alcohol and other consciousness-altering substances (I count sugar as one of those). Perhaps most importantly, forgive yourself and let go of any harsh self-judgment. Then it becomes so much easier to cultivate compassion and forgiveness in all relationships.

Setting the Intent

As lightworkers, we not only fast to lighten our own emotional burden. We fast to ease the suffering in the world. In a sense, we fast vicariously. As we purify our own energy system through fasting, healing energy can flow more effectively through us and into the world.

Place the symbol of your intent inside your heart at the start of your fast and imagine nurturing it with every glass of water you drink. Whatever type of fast you perform, make sure you drink plenty of water. It’s not up to me or anybody else to tell you exactly how much you should drink. But a good rule of thumb is that it’s likely to be more than you consume on an average day.

A Special Message for Dragon Riders

Those Lightworkers who fall into the category of Dragon Riders (and/or Dragon-Born/DragonKin) are receiving an extra powerful activation during the upcoming solar eclipse. This activation is directly from the Dragon Realm, via your Guardian Dragon.

The way to receive this activation is to sit in meditation on the day of the New Moon. Simply ask to receive it while focusing on your heart and third eye chakras. You may also choose to lie down and place a lapis lazuli crystal over your third eye and a piece of rose quartz over your heart. Play some soft music in the background and breathe to ground/light up your pillar of light.

The activation you are receiving will help you expand your being. This includes claiming your unconventional spiritual gifts, such as the ability to communicate and work with the dragons. Exactly what this looks like will be different for all of you.

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Make a Wish

For everybody, this New Moon brings enormous potential for manifesting something entirely new. If we make sure our wish/intention benefits the Highest Good, blessings will return to us at the very least times three. The aim should be to expand in the direction of a more compassionate and sustainable future for all living beings. Contemplate how embracing your gifts fully can help bring that about. Keep a journal during the Dark Moon days. Ask Spirit to clear your inner vision/third eye so that you can see your own role in creating New Earth clearly!

Decks used: Guardian Angel Messages Tarot, Gateway of Light Activation Oracle, Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards

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