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Contemplative Tarot Rituals

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Contemplative Tarot Rituals

One of the things I struggled with post-conversion, after releasing all my occult and pagan practices, was the instant lack of daily rituals. In one way, I felt liberated but I had also lost an anchor point that brought every aspect of me into alignment (though aligned with the wrong force). So I started looking into incorporating some contemplative tarot rituals.

Try as I may filling this void with prayer and reading the Bible, I recently realised that I needed more than just intellectual input to anchor my faith and live into the Scripture:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart (feminine), with all your soul (feminine), with all your strength (masculine), and with all your mind (masculine).

Luke 10:27

In ritual, we bring our mind, body, spirit and psyche into alignment by activating our imagination. Quite astonishingly it was a book by an Evangelical Christian that really helped me realise how vital the imagination is to our walk with Christ. The book is ‘The Power of Imagination‘ by Andrew Wommack. This book helped me get a part of me back that I thought I would have to sacrifice to not start straying from the Lord again. Luckily, I was wrong.

Nothing ignites my love for Christ more than placing myself in the scenes of the story of his life. Having this newfound freedom of being able to use my imagination to get closer to Him, I realised that I could bring back contemplative rituals for the same purpose.

A Daily Card Ritual

As discussed previously, cards are not inherently evil. I prayed for discernment about which cards would be okay to use for contemplative practice. Had I not had the experience in the past of having been told that all dancing is of the devil and realising that it was just church subculture and fear speaking, I might not have had the courage to stray from the herd mentality of most Christians when deciding to start using cards again.

I’m not sure why I’m still intermittently in this slave mentality of feeling I need permission from other human beings for certain things. But I’m keeping an eye on it because I know it’s not of God! Let’s face it, we can never please all Christians (who are supposedly one body). Catholics will be incensed that I refer to their magical ritual of transubstantiation as symbolic. Evangelicals will be incensed that I’m even discussing the importance of ritual.

‘I’m offended!’

Of course, I do not wish to offend anyone. But Christ has shown me that He is doing a New Thing through me and it will offend a lot of people, at least to begin with. New things and the truth have a habit of doing that. What Jesus did offended enough powerful people that they crucified Him.

So today is my first day of trying a daily card ritual in the morning. I’m using the Jesus Deck and the Marseille Tarot together for a contemplative focal point. Not completely unexpectedly, the message in the cards is about the importance of ritual for staying on track with one’s spiritual path.

A Physical Reminder

‘The Supper’ card from the Jesus Deck is about Jesus telling His disciples to do this (perform the ritual of bread and wine) in remembrance of Him. He knew that they needed physical reminders, not just reading from Scripture or talking about Him. In this ritual, Jesus institutes a way for His followers to feel His love for them in their bodies and to unite with him beyond the veil in a way that is magical.

Communion is a very important ritual. I miss it dearly now that I am not able to attend church because of the social distancing measures that churches really ought to be able to see for what they are.

Spiritual Discipline

The Chariot from the Golden Marseille Tarot is a card about spiritual discipline to me. It’s a reminder that it’s much easier to stay on my path as a Follower of Christ when opposing forces are aligned through a conscious exercise of the will that involves my whole being.

Discipline is all about aligning the psyche (feminine) and desire (masculine) with the intellect (logos). Ritual helps with this. It does so by creating space for the spirit (masculine) to germinate in the body (feminine) through the use of physical means combined with the imagination (feminine) to bring harmony. Without harmony between opposing forces in our being, it is not possible to stay on track.

I pray this post is helpful to those of you who aren’t sure if it’s possible to glorify God through the use of cards in your contemplative practice.

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