Tarot at the End of the Rainbow 7 of Pentacles


7 of Pentacles Tarot at the End of the Rainbow

A Message About Patience

After I posted the review of Tarot at the End of the Rainbow, I felt drawn to see if Spirit had a message for us from this deck. The card we received is the 7 of Pentacles. In the Tarot at the End of the Rainbow version of this card, we have a farmer standing under a tree. His feet and skinny legs are bare. The tree behind him and the field surrounding him are also bare.

He is resting a shovel over his shoulder, indicating that he that the day’s work is complete. Or perhaps he is just taking a break. Either way, it will be a while before the land yields anything edible. As hungry as the farmer might be, he needs to be patient before he can celebrate the first harvest and feast with his family.

Why We Need to Be Patient

I asked Spirit why we need a message about patience at this time. I am shown that we are like this farmer. We are starving for new growth. So much shifted so quickly and now we want the new to come in at equal speed. However, this simply isn’t possible.

The sledgehammer phase isn’t even over yet. More will have to shift before the ground is level so that we can begin building the new. But, and this is the most important part of the message, most of us do not even have a vision for what the new will look like. And when we don’t have a vision, we don’t know how to nurture and support new growth.

These Three Tasks Will Demand Our Patience

Those of us who are here in service to the Highest Good (and yes, that’s probably you if you are still reading this), need to get really busy now. We have three major tasks ahead of us:

  • Healing division and building bridges
  • Raising our vibration on a daily basis = service to humanity
  • Questing for a vision

Healing Division and Building Bridges

Spirit shows me that there will be many opportunities for doing this kind of work in our local communities. We can do this through helping those in need and simply not caring about which side of the great divide they are. It simply doesn’t matter. What matters is that we help where we can and offer hope wherever possible.

Raising Our Vibration

It’s difficult to overestimate how important this is. It’s about being the ‘salt of the earth.’ We simply can’t do that if we spend our days scoffing at cynical memes or retweeting the latest divisive ‘news’ (propaganda goes two ways!).

But how do you work on raising your vibration if you don’t even have a baseline or basic self-awareness? Many don’t after the past two years. Many never did and some who were awake fell back asleep. Well, we start with the basics. We meditate and learn to ground and centre our energy. And we practice good energy hygiene when it comes to both our person and our home environment. (Check this video by Bracha Goldsmith and Aaron Doughty for three practical tips on how to raise your vibration.)

From this basic foundation, we will be much better equipped to deal with the demands on us in society.

Questing for a Vision

This is perhaps the part of our collective tasks that will demand the most patience. Why? Because we need to start dreaming a collective dream about a better future for our children and grandchildren. This part of the job depends entirely on how successful we are at the bridge building and keeping our vibration high. It will take time. But not matter how long it takes, we must not lose heart.

Nor is there any reason to be downcast. Many prophecies speak of a golden age in the future of humanity. It’s just not here quite yet. But the great news is that you and I get to choose to be the people who usher this golden new age in. So, my friends, let’s keep sending everyone who needs it love and learn to view patience as a sacred practice.

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