A Goddess Aine Solar Healing Spell


Today’s Fairy Message card is The Sun from the Tarot Draconis. To me it feels very much like confirmation of the dream visitation I had last night by the Goddess and Faery Queen, Aine, who is a Celtic healing goddess associated with both the Sun and the Moon.

To celebrate the¬†calling, I spent some time in the sunshine this morning, giving thanks and accepting the invitation. I will write more about making the connection with Aine* later on today. I will also write about the Solar Healing elixir I was guided to make two days ago, before I knew that she was my matron deity on my ‘Christofaerian’ path ūüôā

I’m still processing the visitation and everything that is happening so very rapidly to me on this magical path, but there is no mistaking the¬†sign of The Sun… and I feel that another¬†reason for this card showing up is that Aine wants me to share a healing spell with you.

This is a spell you can use on a day when your energy levels are low and you wish to charge back up. This spell is also perfect for anyone recovering from ill-health, burn-out or anyone suffering from apathy/mild depression.

You can add energy to the spell by lighting a candle and holding a piece of amber, citrine or golden beryl as you do the chant. But it is best if you can do it outside, in direct sunlight Рin which case you most definitely do not need any magical paraphernalia to assist.

A Solar Spell for Health, Mojo and Happiness

Sweet Faery Queen, come to me now
Surrounded by fae on wings so bright
Goddess of Water and Fire, kiss my brow
Charge me up with your healing light
Too long did I dwell in a cloud so dark
Ignite my life force with your holy spark

Stand up and reach your arms toward the sun, wherever you feel¬†it is if you can’t see it. Chant the spell three times out loud. Visualise your whole energy field being recharged by sunshine while the faeries who serve Aine flit around mending any energy leakages. Keep breathing deeply and evenly until you feel that it is done.

Then say out loud: And so it is, thank you sweet Aine!


Fairy Blissings


*pronounced awn-yah