The High Priestess from the Fairy Tarot Cards

Trust Your Inner Wisdom

The High Priestess from the Fairy Tarot Cards

Wisdom from within
Creates a great win-win
Confidence grows,
Your true nature shows
And all the right people
Gather around
No more ‘sheeple’
When Sofia within is crowned

One of my lovely new fairyologist friends commented about how she ‘channels herself now’ and I loved this so much.

That shows true confidence in divine inner wisdom and a courage to live the ‘as within, so without’ axiom.

Will you trust your intuition today? Will you pause long enough to connect? That still small voice within can only be heard if you truly listen.

We can learn a lot from the faeries when it comes to this. They are always true to themselves and would never dream of allowing anyone else to impose their beliefs or views on them.

That is because the wisdom of Nature herself is their wisdom. They also know that it is easier for us humans to hear the still small voice within in nature.

It is no coincidence that you get your best ideas while out walking!

I love the quote below because in my experience, the truth has only been spoken a handful of times in church but the trees and mountains have never lied to me.

The High Priestess of the Fairy Tarot Cards is the purveyor of this kind of wisdom…

My father considered a walk among the mountains as the equivalent of churchgoing.
~Aldous Huxley

Fairy Blissings,