Tarot and Oracle Guidance 12 June

12 June Tarot & Oracle Guidance – Yes, You Are a Healer!

Tarot and Oracle Guidance 12 June

Hello my friends and Wednesday blessings! Wednesdays are ruled by Archangel Raphael and Mercury. Magickally speaking Wednesdays are the best days to cast spells for improved communication, for Soul Mates to find each other, travel and many forms of healing, as well as improving our own healing skills.

Archangel Raphael, who is the Guardian of the East and who also rules the Element of Air, is the patron of soul mates, as well as of travellers and healers. He oversees all the other healing angels. I’m loving the synchronicity with this and the message that came through for us today – It’s all about your power to heal!

This Tarot and Oracle  guidance is for the next 24 hours, whenever you are reading this. The decks used are the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle and the Path of the Soul Destiny Cards. As always, keep what resonates and discard the rest.

17 Heal (trad. The Star) + 5 of Air – Win or Lose + 2 of Air – Refusing to See + 44 Birth of Angels

Birth of Angels from Path of the Soul Destiny Cards is asking me to channel this timeless message straight from the Angelic realm today:

Yes, you are a healer! You cannot lose by using your gifts as a healer. The only way we all lose out is if you do not use your healing gift to set yourself free and to help others do the same.

Call in all the angelic protection and guidance we offer you now, as you begin shining your light more brightly in a world so desperate for hope and optimism.

You were never meant to do this on your own. We are here, waiting for you to reach out so that we can begin in earnest – Together, as we were always meant to. Look within, look within your own heart! We are here, waiting for permission to guide and assist.

Angels speak to those who silence their minds long enough to hear.

~ Proverb

Love & Light,


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