Are You an Idealist with Awkwardly High Standards?

Prince of Swords Tarot Illuminati

“Cynics are – beneath it all – only idealists with awkwardly high standards.”
~ Alain de Botton

The Prince/Knight of Swords often suffers from ‘rebel without a cause’ syndrome. His quick wit can be his enemy as well as his greatest ally. He does his best work when he manages to channel his inherent idealism constructively. He frequently needs grounding and as he grows older he could quite easily turn to cynicism as a defense.

When he believes in something, he believes with his whole heart, but as soon as what he believes in stops making sense to him, he quickly (and without regret) changes direction, much to the surprise to people who thought they knew him (or her).

This Knight will always be on a quest for truth and knowledge. Without cynicism, this can be quite a beautiful journey to be on, with profound truths uncovered along the way. However, as soon as this Knight makes cynicism his travel companion, he will have nothing to show for his quest but scars – his own and those of people he did battle with.

Affirmation: “I consider the other person’s emotions before I open my mouth.”

Knight of Swords Prayer 

Dear Mother-Father God (or whichever higher power you acknowledge), save me from cynicism and remind me – always – that being kind is more important by far than being right. So mote it be! (listen to prayer on Instagram)

Correspondences for the Knight of Swords

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (first two decans) and Capricorn (final decan)

Element: Air of Air

Archangel: Raphael (Angel of Air ) and Uriel (Angel of Aquarius)

Gemstone: Sugilite, yellow calcite, brown jasper

Scent: Rosemary

Deck used: The Tarot Illuminati


Blessed be!


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      1. I’m really loving it, actually! I was looking for a lighter deck. And I wouldn’t say it’s light, but helps spin a different perspective to the heavy cards. It’s very loving, but no-nonsense, like a best friend would be. I recommend it for anyone interested in it. Bonus: Super adorable (sorry this was longer then I intended lol)

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