Tarot Guidance 25 May

DAILY ORACLE – Tarot Guidance for 25 May

Daily Tarot guidance by Lisa Frideborg and her Dragon Guardian, Sasariel, with the Dragon Tarot and the Unicorn Tarot.

A Great Day for Letting Go

Cards drawn: 10 of Swords + 2 of Pentacles 

No, what happened to you wasn’t fair. Your spirit guides are acknowledging this completely. You were stabbed in the back and it wasn’t an accident. It was a malicious attack… but not, as you may think, by someone who truly knows you. In this person’s mind you were only a projection of their own past hurts and confusion. What they did to you is not a reflection on you in any way shape or form.

It is important that you turn things around for yourself now and not use this incident as an excuse for staying stuck any longer. This is especially true in terms of your career and abundance. Any sense of regret or resentment that you cling to will limit your prospects in the future, so free yourself now. Forgive and move on.  Or, in the words by Bernard Meltzer:

“When you forgive, you in no way change the past—but you sure do change the future.” 

Blessed Be!

Waning Moon in Aquarius. Lunar Void of Course begins at 13:50 BST.

Love & Light,


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