Daily Oracle – Tarot Guidance for Thursday, 30 May

Daily Oracle – Tarot Guidance for Thursday, 30 May

Daily Tarot guidance by Lisa Frideborg and her Dragon Guardian, Sasariel, with the Chakra Wisdom Tarot (see all cards from this deck HERE).

A Great Day for Attracting Abundance by Non-Doing

Cards drawn: Queen of PentaclesThe High Priestess + Death

If you focus on nurturing yourself with excellent self-care today, you will raise your vibration to attract new ideas. These new ideas will place you firmly on a path of greater abundance, making you better able to share your gifts with the world and creating an upward spiral of positive energy.

Allow yourself to be perfectly still in absolute silence for at least 10-15 minutes today. You could simply sit in silence and focus on your breath or extend shavasana at the end of your regular yoga practice. Alternatively if complete stillness makes you anxious, go for a mindful walk in nature instead, focusing on each footfall kissing the ground beneath you.

In this moment of inner stillness, or in the next 24 hours after your mini meditation, you will be shown what to release or transform in your life to make room for this new abundance.

Blessed Be!

Love & Light,


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