6 June Daily Tarot and Oracle Guidance

6 June Tarot and Oracle Guidance – Healing the Abundance Wound

6 June Tarot and Oracle Guidance

Hello my friends and Thursday blessings! Thursdays are ruled by Sachiel who is the Archangel to have on board whenever we wish to improve our career prospects, achieve success and manifest abundance. 

Tarot and Oracle  guidance for the next 24 hours, whenever you are reading this, comes to us via the Holy Spirit and the following three decks: Crystal Wisdom Healing OracleChakra Wisdom Tarot and the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle.

Citrine from the Crystal Healing Oracle + 3 of Swords from the Chakra Wisdom Tarot + Well Deserved Reward from the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle

Do you feel as if you are chasing abundance while poverty is chasing you? Do you feel afflicted when it comes to manifesting prosperity? Perhaps you have already given up and are thinking that it’s not for the likes of you.

Today’s oracle is about any wounding we have have around our natural ability to manifest abundance. The 3 of Swords can be about a need for deep heart healing and going within to facilitate this.

However, Citrine invites a more playful mindset and approach, to help heal the abundance wound. Exaggerate the negative looping voice inside your head that tells you are not worthy of true abundance. Give it a real voice. Play with that voice so that it can make itself heard. Act it out until you are laughing out loud at how ridiculous it is. This will make the negative voice go away and free up your natural magnetism for all that is rich and beautiful in life.

Then go out and do something indulgent, as a reward for doing this work. Get a new haircut, buy a summer dress, donate some money to your favourite charity etc. But do it mindfully, and with heartfelt gratitude, out of your new abundance mindset.

Love & Light,


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