The Temptation to Take Advantage

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5 of Swords Tarot Illuminati

“Fear is a weakness. It makes a person lose her nerve and her cool. It makes people jumpy and organizations nervous, and when that happens, there is always a chance to take advantage.”
~ Ally Carter, Uncommon Criminals

The 5 of Swords often shows a situation or person in the worst possible light. Someone is being a ‘user’ or ‘taker.’ They do not care what the cost or emotional impact is to their fellow man. All they care about is that they achieved their goal and outwitted whomever or whatever stood in their way.

With Venus in Aquarius as the astrological correspondence, however, there are some possible positive qualities at the other end of this spectrum we would do well to consider. Venus in Aquarius is capable of detaching emotionally so that valuable opportunities do not pass us by. Yes, it can be a fine line to walk at times but as long as the intent to honour the Golden Rule is there, we would all do well to learn the positive lesson the 5 of Swords brings.

Traditionally, the 5 of Sword is considered the ‘It’s time to cut your losses’ card.

Affirmation: “I have no enemy other than myself.”

5 of Swords Prayer 

Dear Mother-Father God (or whichever higher power you acknowledge), Thank you for the ability to detach enough emotionally to make the most of any situation. Keep me from the temptation to do so at the cost of another. So mote it be! (listen to prayer on Instagram)

Correspondences for the 5 of Swords

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Planet: Venus

Archangel: Uriel (Angel of Aquarius) and Anael (Ruler of Venus)

Gemstone: Blue lace agate, rose quartz

Scent: Almond

Deck used: The Tarot Illuminati


Blessed be!


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