The Heroes in the Fight Against Dark Forces

the heroes in the fight against dark forces

I woke up this morning with another question on my mind. How come many of the main players I seem to come across in the fight against Bill Gates microchipping humanity are Christian? I’m not saying others aren’t joining in the fight but it seems pretty obvious to me that Christians had a heads up through prophecy about the mark of the beast. This prophecy would no doubt have made them better prepared for this fight.

Interestingly the Christian people / organisations I have watched fight back this Easter week are not promoting any particular church or denomination. Yay! Because I simply cannot with ‘churchianity’ – a religion that has been infiltrated and perverted by the Dark Forces through corruption of Scripture and violence against the freedom of humanity.

Rather than promote an agenda, these Christian Spirit Warriors seem to be fighting for all of humanity to unite against the Dark Forces that seek to microchip and enslave us all. Find out more about this agenda that was revealed in 2013 HERE.

Christian Heroes

My first mention goes to legendary Jon Wedger, former police detective who helped bust countless pedophiles and major pedophile rings in the London area. He continues to campaign for justice for victims and he sees clearly that this lockdown is a cover for something else. He is one of my Covid Heroes for sure.

My second mention goes to nurse Kate Shemirani. She campaigns against those radiation waves that we must not mention, lest our posts stop showing in search engines and social media feeds. Last night I fell asleep after listening to another live with her, feeling hopeful that the Monsters will not win. She said that it was the mass media lies and the darkness that drove her to God. Kate is being relentlessy bullied by the medical community for her holistic stance but she is standing strong!

A special mention goes to the whole team behind the outstanding documentary Out of Shadows. This documentary reveals the ties between Hollywood, CIA, and and Satanism/Saturnism. For those of you who are only just beginning to awaken to what is going on, hold on to your hats! This film is literally the Red Pill. An EXTRA SPECIAL mention goes to Liz Crokin – May God protect her now and always.

Independent Spirit Warriors

The fact that none of the people mentioned above are recruiting for a particular denomination gives me hope. Their relationship with God is via Jesus Christ who showed us how to be fully human. To be fully human means to assert our dignity and relationship with Source against those who seek to enslave us.

Like I said, Christians are not the only ones fighting back. I know that people across all cultural/religious borders and political divides are beginning to wake up. Who are your Covid heroes? Let us know in the comments!

My final mention of Covid Heroes goes to Laura Eisenhower, great granddaugher of president Ike Eisenhower. She does not mince words. Watch this cease and desist video aimed at Bill Gates and other Elites. She is ‘New Age’ but I feel that the same Spirit is working through her that is working through the other people I already mentioned.

Done with Golden Dawn

Today’s Tarot reading is about how the Spirit of Christ is helping people to fight the good fight against the Elite/Cabal. I wanted to know for myself as well, since my inclination now is to call on Jesus Christ for protection and guidance for all of us. Maybe it’s because of the mark of the beast (which is clearly what microchipping is) is only mentioned in a Christian context… but calling on other forces just won’t cut it for me now.

For this Tarot reading (see card image at the top of the post), I am asking how the Spirit of Jesus Christ is working through Spirit Warriors now. The deck I have chosen to work with is the Marseille Tarot, which has not been tainted by the satanist/saturnist upper echalons of Freemasonry.

From now on I will be working with non-Golden Dawn decks/GD clones. I just can’t with anything Freemason-related. I know the Tarot is just a tool and it’s more about the intent than the tool… but GD decks feel tainted to me at this point in time.

The upper echalon Freemasons are all Satanists/Saturn worshippers and they are the Elite. Their Cult predates Christianity, so I’m pretty sure everything on this planet has been tainted by them. Mass media, politics and all major religions certainly are.

The Cult specialises in mixing truth with lies so that people can’t know one from the other. This is why it is so very important to establish that direct line of communication with Spirit. So far, the Tarot still helps me do that. I’m with Laura Eisenhower on that.

Today’s Tarot Oracle Reading

Interestingly, the 7 of Cups is repeating from my reading about what it takes to be a Covid Hero. We also have the 9 of Pentacles and the 6 of Swords. The numerological quint of these three cards give us 22/The Fool.

By replacing the spirit of confusion (7 of Cups) with dignity (9 of Pentacles) and mental clarity (6 of Swords), we are FREE (The Fool) to become FULLY HUMAN (The Fool’s Journey). IMHO, if anybody showed us what it means to be fully human, it is Jesus Christ. I find this to be especially true in the Gospel of Thomas but there is much that points that way in the four official gospels too.

I pray for a spirit of discernment (6 of Swords) for us all. I pray that we will be fully reconnected with the natural abundance of life (9 of Pentacles). We must not let those who constantly sow the seeds of confusion (7 of Cups) through the mass media they own steal our innate abundance. They prey on us to steal our joy, dignity and abundance because they do not have true joy, dignity or abundance of their own.

Finding My Power, Protection and Peace

After fasting and prayer over the Easter weekend, I came to the following conclusion: For me, right now, Jesus Christ is the only one who has the answer about how to fight these Dark Forces. That could be because I wouldn’t know where else to look but I’m not ashamed of my ignorance if that is what it is. We each have to find power, protection and peace in any way we can during these dark times.

There is no other ‘agenda’ behind this post other than to share where I’m at right now. I believe in free will and I don’t believe that people of differing faiths go to ‘hell.’ Threat and fear of burning in hell for all eternity is just another distortion of the teachings of Christ by the Cabal.

By the way, if you want to know what hell (on Earth) looks like, do watch Out of Shadows. It is easily the film of the year and it is free to watch on YouTube.

With Love