Lockdown Resilience

lockdown resilience 20 april 2020 daily oracle

This lockdown is wearing many of us down psychologically and some are suffering direct health consequences due to not being in the highly prioritised Covid category. Resilience is a gift that we can claim as part of our Divine birthright. Just as helplessness and defeatism are learned behaviours, so is resilience. It is never too late for reprogramming!

Bibliomancy Reading

Today’s reading is from the Gnostic Gospels, Secret Book According to St John:

Wisdom conceived an idea
derived from herself,
to show an image

But her consort did not agree,
so she conceived alone.

Her birth was imperfect
for it lacked the consort’s will
and had a misshapen form;
it was named Ialtabaoth.

It was snake-like,
with a leonine face,
and from its eyes flashed lightning.

She cast it out so none of
the immortals might know it,
and enveloped it in a glowing cloud.

She put a throne in the middle
of the cloud so it would be invisible,
except to the Mother of All Living.

Then the Primal Creator, Almighty God,
ordered all things in Perfection.

Secret Book According to St John


I don’t know about you but after reading that, I feel like shouting to Primal Creator, ‘Behind you!’ because he has false confidence that all things are ordered in perfection. It is a similar false confidence in our own ability as humans that often becomes our undoing.

Hidden in the cloud, sits a mighty being, immense power flashing from its eyes. This is the demiurge, the principal archon according to the gnostics and the Lord of the earthly domain. It is this hidden power of pride and rebellion that wreaks havoc on Earth.

Twisted by Fear

Bear in mind that in Creation (3D hologram), where the ruling power is the misshapen pride that seeks to be like God, resilience is a necessary trait from the very beginning. The worldly power which seeks to re-make us in its image wants us to get bent out of shape too.

Think of the forces described in the Secret Book According to St John as forces that battle it out within you, the destructive force whispering from a hidden place. The reptilian part of the brain is the part of you that keeps feeding the fear and nothing destroys our original blueprint more than fear.

So how do we develop resilience?

We choose to listen to Primal Creator in prayer and meditation. We develop resilience on our knees and in lotus position, as well as through physical exercise. Resilience means disciplining the body through fasting as well, to clear the debris from Ialtabaoth on a cellular level. But most importantly, resilience is about not feeding the fear. If that means staying away from mass media fearmongering, so be it.

Cartomancy Reading

lockdown resilience tarot of the angels 20 april 2020
Tarot of the Angels (affiliate link)

The Fool in the Angels Tarot shows our dual nature and the forces that are at war within us. The Sun as the challenge is to cling to that which restores our innocence which is our Divine Joy. The Hermit as the action advice is about having a spiritual wisdom-habit in place that allows to see our true reflection, not through the lens of pride but as God sees us. Only then can we keep realigning and avoid temptation.

We have three Majors in our reading today, signifying the possibility of taking a quantum leap on our spiritual journey this week. Let that leap make you more resilient – mind, body and spirit. Resilience is a choice.

The powers of this world want us to become more and more dependent on them. Resilience enables grace to rebuild our body, mind and spirit according to the original blueprint.

With Love