The Monsters

6 April daily oracle earth warriors turquoise changing woman final battle

A lot of people are struggling with the changes happening now, which will be why Turquoise Changing Woman, Estanatlehi, a.k.a. Conqueror of Monsters, shows up for our daily oracle. As it happens, I’m wearing my turquoise hoody this morning (see image above)… and now I’m wondering if have been drawn to this colour to help me through the changes that I, as an individual, am going through during this time of global upheaval.

It also reminds me of how David Icke wore nothing but turquoise for six months after his awakening in the 90’s. My feeling of the colour turquoise is that it helps us keep our integrity so that we can stay true to our Higher Self through all these changes.

Because there are monsters out there who prey on the vulnerable and it is a fact that we are more vulnerable in phases of transformation. We are also more vulnerable when we feel afraid. The monsters have a vested interest in fearmongering and the monsters control mass media.

We’re not alone

The little guide book by Alana Fairchild for the Earth Warriors Oracle that this card is from is really good. Alana recommends taking the pose of Turquoise Changing Woman to receive the grace we need at times of change. You can hold that pose (left thumb to third eye and upturned, outstretched right palm) for as long as you need… Just breathe and receive as much grace as you need.

It is good and so very important to remind ourselves that we are not alone. There are good forces out there, wanting to help but we have to ask. I’m praying more these days. I hope we all are.

The monsters are real but so are the divine forces of grace, mercy and love.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

Ephisians 6:12

‘Heavenly places’ refers to the astral planes. This is where the real monsters behind the current calamity reside. Trump has recently come out and said that the virus is ‘artificially induced,’ i.e. bioengineered, something that both Dr Paul Cottrell and former CIA spy Robert David Steele also have been stating. Clearly real humans (or psychopaths) have been involved in the process too but this seems to be part of a very big and very old plan for control of mankind.


Part of the awakening that is happening now is that people are starting to understand that the satanist pedophile Elites who run the shit show get their power from a source beyond the third dimension. David Icke, of course, has been telling us this for decades… but he is far from alone. People like Shaun Attwood who are serious about investigating how these Elites literally get away with the abduction, torture and murder of thousands of innocent children every year, all come to the same conclusion: SRA (satanist ritual abuse)

People who are not ready for the red pill yet are very quick to deny SRA. After all, it has been ‘debunked’ by mass media on several occassions. (Remind yourself of who controls mass media.) Yet, the Edward Heath investigation lead down that very same trail and was (on this rare occassion) part of the final police report on the matter. Ted Heath, like Jimmy Savile, was a satanist. FACT.

Now, whether or not these people actually believe in ‘Satan’ or not is almost irrelevant. With their torture of innocents they feed an energy beyond their own and that energy then feeds and protects them.

Why bring up SRA when speaking about times of change, Frideborg? Are you trying to scare people even more?

Nope, I’m just saying that those who are behind current events and who have been planning this for a very long time are all part of the same SRA web. This is important to bear in mind because it makes it easier to understand how and why they would lie and seek to harm humanity on such a grand scale.

True Power

Ultimately, the forces of evil are powerless. They are like the school playground bullies who get their five minutes of glory but who never achieve recognition for anything lasting. When humanity finally rises as one for love, life and liberty, confident in our unique individualities, empowered by divine grace, they will shrivel into nothing before us.

The monsters have always been there. Always. We’re just having to confront them now, so now is a good time wo/man up and realise that we are part of an epic turning point in human history. I’m sorry if you thought staying it home and washing your hands 30 times a day was going to save humanity!

Once we have this under our belts, we will be ready to usher in the Golden Age. But first the final battle against that ‘invisible enemy’.

With Love