pope no longer vicar of christ

Pope Francis no longer Vicar of Christ

This may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you… I used to be Catholic in my late 20’s. I converted to Catholicism from an Evangelical faith. Not long after that I more or less lost my faith, in part due to suffering psychological abuse from priests in the Opus Dei.

Nevertheless, the papacy and anything relating to Rome holds a special interest to me. About a week ago, I learned that the Pope had dropped his main title, that of ‘Vicar of Christ.’ This felt hugely significant to me – End Times level significant even. This morning I decided to dig some more and found this article.

As stated in the article, Pope Francis covered up for pedophilia within the Catholic Church. I guess we need to ask, ‘Is Pope Frances even a Christian?’ It is highly likely that he is, in fact, a satanist pedophile himself. I am definitely not saying all Catholics are bad here, by the way. Many are true believers in Christ and would never dream of harming an innocent child.

One of the reasons this feels so extremely important to discuss right now is because it is NOT being covered by mass media. We are living in the time of the Great Smokescreen that is Covid 19. Under the surface of that smokescreen, there is a great reshuffling of power. Those have ears to hear will hear.

Reading from the Gospel of Philip

If someone dives deep into
the well of living water and
surfaces empty handed, saying,
“I am a Christian,”
he has only borrowed the
name with interest.

He who accepts this gift
doesn’t have to give it back,
but from those who borrowed at interest,
payment is demanded.

Gospel of Philip

Wow! This is from a random bibliomancy draw… but could it be any more apt?! There will be a reckoning and that reckoning will happen soon.

Daily message from the cards

daily oracle haindl tarot and jesus deck reading about pope francis disavowing vicar of christ title

So today, I reached for my Jesus Deck for the first time in a long time. I also pulled a card from the Haindl Tarot deck that I have been working with all week. This is indeed a time of ‘Mixed Happiness’ as the title on the 4 of Cups states.

The three cards from the Jesus Deck tell a story… We are at the precipice of a new Era. Humanity has to transform or it will destroy itself. This is a game to some, a game with high stakes. (The Joker)

The Cabal has their New World Order agenda outlined on the Georgia Guidestones – Only 500 million will be allowed to live which means that the depopulation agenda is being rolled out now, complete with 5G, mandatory vaccinations and microchipping. (The Conspiracy)

What can we do? We can turn to Mother Mary for guidance on how to serve the Divine. We can do all we can to magnify the Light in the world. This is how we connect with the true, endless source of eternal happiness. In the 3D hologram, happiness will continue to appear mixed but we must not let that kill our joy.

4 of Cups Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God (or whichever higher power you acknowledge), thank you that golden opportunities keep being passed to me in spite of my subjective and sometimes negative view of reality. Help my heart stay open to those opportunities today. So mote it be!

With Love


PS. As of next week, you will no longer find new posts by me on Facebook. I have had quite a few posts censored and deleted by them, so I’m moving to MeWe. Please join me there!

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  1. This is so very pertinent! I have read a bit in this and also noticed that this bishop of Rome is concocting together with other leaders of different faith a new ‘world religion’ however omitting Jesus’ name altogether… feels like very strange times indeed… virus, plagued of locusts….. in Jesus always

    1. Post

      End times, sister. A week after I wrote this, I surrendered completely to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit guided me to stop using the Tarot. The Tarot cards are a Freemasonic/Satanist creation and the Bible commands us to not engage in those types of divinationatory practices. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance on this. Fast and pray so that you can open yourself up to receive pure revelation and guidance from His Holy Spirit instead.

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