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The Death Deck Diaries – I See Dead People

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i see dead people

In honour of the Goddess Hel, I’m starting a new series of posts today. In the Death Deck Series, we are going to look at some of the cards from the Death Deck and use the question on the cards as a Tarot journaling prompt. You can do this with the runes or an oracle deck if you prefer (or use a combination of tools). You can also choose to go freestyle without any tools. The main thing is to start thinking about this important topic that so many would rather just sweep under the rug. The first question to ponder in this Memento Mori moment is from the ‘I see dead people’ card:

“It’s common to see a deceased family member or friend in dreams or hallucinations when you are on the brink of death. Who would you want to appear as your official greeter?”

To be perfectly honest, I’m not that picky. I love many gods, dead people, and spirits. So really, I’d want it to be the god/person/spirit that is most keen on the job.

But let’s say that Odin, my tutelary deity this year, shows up… What would that be like?

I See Odin!

How apt that The Hierophant (Le Pape from the Golden Wirth Tarot) is showing up to represent my tutelary deity! Laguz speaks of the deep psychic connection I have with Odin (Ansuz). This depth of connection is confirmed through the 10 of Cups. The Magus (The Magician) and the Aeon (Judgement) indicate that I would be given a life review about how well I managed to develop in the Craft. This feels like a joyful reunion.

When My Grandmother Saw Dead People

Actually, come to think of it, when my dying grandmother pointed to the corner of the hospital room and asked me, ‘Can you see them?’, I’m not 100% sure she was referring to people. It could have been angels or even faeries. What I do know is that not long before that, she had been very lucid. She had looked at me with a steady gaze and told me I was going to have a son. 2½ months later I did indeed give birth to a son, Jonathan.

The thing is, when my grandmother made the prediction of the gender of my baby, I knew she had been informed by Spirit and I knew she wasn’t hallucinating. Nor was she hallucinating when we left that evening. She waved goodbye to me and my sister and told us she loved us. Yet only minutes later she was dead.

So yeah, I don’t think people are necessarily hallucinating when they see dead people. I think the ‘veil filter’ in the brain is dying and that makes us see what is really all around us all the time.


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  1. I chose one of my guide.
    I started with Energy Oracle
    The Angel of Strength (flew out first) and The Sun
    The Starseed Oracle
    A New Earth and Trust The Timing
    Oracle of 7 Energies
    Great Big Love
    Through all of my ups and downs, she has always believed in me. It will be a pleasant greeting but I think our work together will not be done

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