what nobody tells you about mediumship

What Nobody Tells You About Mediumship

what nobody tells you about mediumship

Have you ever read a book on mediumship that warns you about the dangers of it? Or did they sell the glossy and popular ‘it’s super easy and natural, everybody can do it’ version? Perhaps books on shamanism are more honest about the challenges and how you need to be properly initiated? Genuine mediumship is heavy-duty energy work and you need to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Please understand that I not trying to warn you about demons or infer that mediumship is of the devil. Those are not my beliefs at all. The beliefs I do have are entirely based on my own experiences. In my experience, mediumship is not for everyone, no matter how ‘talented’ one might be – at least not without proper instruction about how to navigate the energetic and mental health challenges.

As someone who finds it relatively easy to tap into Spirit and receive messages from the angelic realm and via Tarot cards, I was curious to see if I could also develop mediumistically for delivering messages from departed loved ones. It seemed like a good fit with the work I was already doing.

Toward the end of 2019, I decided to join a mediumship development circle at a spiritualist church not far from where I live. By that time, I had already had some spontaneous contact with the spirits of the deceased. This includes while doing client Tarot readings, as well as during my Doreen Virtue Angel Intuitive training.


I live next to a graveyard. One of my experiences that preceded joining the development circle was a friend asking me to have a look at one of the graves. She had seen my cat sitting next to it and she felt there was a message there. I knelt down, put my hand on the headstone and asked to make contact. In addition to Margaret’s name, there was the name of a baby boy, both † December, 2018.

The thing is, the name Margaret had already popped into my head a few days earlier. This happened while I was meditating in my room and I hand’t told my friend.

I had been trying to open up to see if anybody wanted to come through with any messages. I heard the name Margaret and just went, ‘Yeah, sure.’ It’s such a common name that it’s almost a bit of a joke. If you mention Margaret during a Spiritualist meeting, there will always be somebody who knows a Margaret.

In the previous meditation, I had received a much more unusual male name. He even showed me where his grave was and I was able to locate it thanks to the information provided.

I wouldn’t have given Margaret any further thought had it not been for my cat mysteriously guiding my friend to ask about her grave.

The Spanish Flu

As I knelt at Margaret’s grave, I heard ‘flu.’ In my mind, I went ‘Influenza?’ and got ‘Yes, Spanish flu’ back. I told my friend what I heard. She said that couldn’t be possible since that would have been the following year up here. ‘No worries,’ I said, ‘I probably got that wrong.’ However, I went back and did some research. It turns out the Spanish flu did reach and ravage Teesdale in exactly December 2018.

I found the following information pertaining to my village in the Teesdale Mercury:

A whist drive and dance in aid of the Cotherstone Sailors and Soldiers Fund scheduled for December 12 and a whist drive and dance in Lunedale on December 20 were postponed due to the influenza outbreak.

Now I’m wondering if this was Spirit’s way of preparing me for what was to come in 2020. Of course, there is no comparison between the very real Spanish flu pandemic and what we are seeing now.

Learning the Ropes

Needless to say, this experience strengthened my resolve. I decided to study the craft and it was only weeks after meeting Margaret that I joined a local development circle.

The development circle itself was a pleasant enough experience. We would begin each session with opening up in meditation and I found all the exercises presented fairly easy.

The exercise that stands out in my mind is the one that involved just writing everything that popped into our minds down, including very specific things like names and dates. I got a ton of information through in that session for one of the younger ladies in her group.

It was her grandfather who had come through. I heard and saw very specific information, including the fact that she had his eyes, he had owned a blue Volvo and a german shepherd. Everything (except a place name) checked out, including the names and dates I had been giving.

When it was my turn to share the information I had received, I felt him looking out through my eyes. It was a loving experience but it was also extremely taxing energetically speaking. The young lady was extremely grateful for the messages.


After all of the sessions, I was starving when I got back home. I also felt a strong need to eat to ground my energy. But was I ever properly grounded during the weeks I did this training? In hindsight, I believe I never learned to shut down properly. Nor do I think I was actually ready to connect with spirits of the deceased that way. It was something I did out of curiosity rather than as a calling. There was no proper initiation into the mystery.

I think you can have a go at a lot of things. However, if you are going to dive in at the deep end of mediumship, you need to be prepared as well as know your own limitations.

Mediumship can take a toll on your mental health as well as energetically. The successful mediums I know all have something in common: they are fairly thick-skinned and naturally grounded/earthy type people.

Unraveling into the Dark Night of the Soul

At the start of 2020, right before the world collectively went insane, I was already teetering precariously on the cliffs of sanity. This mental state was to no small degree related to my mediumship activity.

Hence, when I concluded that I had to leave all occult and metaphysical practices behind and return to traditional Christianity last year, I can now see that I did so to protect myself. On some level, I knew I had bit off more than I could chew.

For about six months, I focused on putting roots down in my Christian faith. Doing so turned out to be extremely beneficial in some ways. However, as I shared in a previous post, I ended up overcorrecting though perhaps that was necessary for a while. Once I had regained a sense of my Essence in relationship to the Divine, I was ready to pick my metaphysical practices back up.

It took a couple of months of reorienting myself. By November 2020, I felt that my Tarot practice was fully integrated with my faith. Part of the process was realising that my faith journey was more Gnostic than Orthodox. That and letting go of any final shreds of fear-related religious wounding.

Can Christians Practice Mediumship?

It was halfway through reintegrating my Tarot practice that it clicked how mediumship development had affected me. I realised then and there that it simply wasn’t for me and was able to let go of any judgment about whether it was okay for a Christian to practice it or not.

If you are someone who believes in Christ and you are also called to practice mediumship, who am I to judge? That would be totally be a case of throwing stones in a glass house for a Christian (or ChristoSophianic) Tarot reader.

Some people are definitely better suited to mediumship work than others. I know now where to draw the line for myself. In the future, it will be much easier for me to say ‘No’ when Tarot clients ask me to connect with deceased loved ones. That’s not part of my mission or life purpose – at least not for this stage of the journey.

Vibrational Match?

Here’s a top tip to discern whether mediumship is a good match for you. If you go into a spiritualist church (or space dedicated to mediumship development) and the energy feels really heavy, ask yourself, ‘Is this energy a good match with my Essence?’ If I had done that in October 2019, I would not have proceeded with mediumistic training. Not only did I not know to ask that question but even if I did, it’s quite possible that I lacked the requisite self-awareness to answer it for myself.

In hindsight, perhaps I had to go through all these experiences so that I could share what I (yet again) learned the hard way. If anybody can avoid pain and confusion thanks to this article, it will have been worth it. Heck, it’s worth it for the learning I gained for myself as well!


Lisa Frideborg

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