are cards evil

Are Cards Evil?

Are cards evil
The Jesus Deck

No More Tarot Conferences

This is a strange time for me. Usually, this time of year, I’m getting super excited about attending the UK Tarot Conference and getting together with other Tarot readers. However, I’m no longer a Tarot reader and I’m never going to attend the Tarot Conference again. The thought of this fills me with sadness, even though I have so much to be grateful for.

(ETA 16 June 2021: I wrote this post about 9 months ago, before I knew I would be returning to the Tarot and doing Tarot readings. Looking back, I can see how God brought me back to my calling in baby steps.)

I’m going to allow myself to feel these feelings fully. Part of the sadness, no doubt, is grieving the ‘old normal’ which none of us will ever be able to revisit or return to. The other part of it is that the UK Tarot Conference is one of the few social events I attended on yearly basis. The sense of lockdown isolation is intensified by not having at least one yearly social gathering to look forward to.

From Tarot to the Truth

It’s now been nearly six months since I surrendered my life to Christ and stopped doing Tarot readings. However, it’s only very recently I’ve started feeling that I miss the cards and I think it’s connected to feeling out of sync with my normal annual rhythm.

When I had my big post-conversion purge, I threw out all my occult tools and decks except the deck you see in the image above, the Jesus Deck. Tentatively, I have started using this deck again, to allow the Holy Spirit to communicate through the words and images. Each card is based on a passage from one of the four gospels and each suit in the deck represents one of the gospels.

It’s not that I need a deck of cards to communicate with God; it’s that it still gives me pleasure to handle cards and allow the imagery to speak to me.

Can’t Purge My Brain

My initial reaction, which was to get rid of all my Tarot decks, is not one I regret because I have concluded that the Tarot is entirely tainted by Masonic philosophy. I also have no intention of ever doing divination or fortune-telling.

However, funnily enough, I haven’t been able to purge my brain of the knowledge in the same way. So what do I do with all this information? Everything in the world around me has been firmly sorted to one of 78 hooks.

Know Thy Enemy

I’m still struggling with this but I do know it’s useful in understanding the plans of the enemy. The Satanic Cabal use occult symbolism when they communicate their plans and according to their contract, they have to advertise what they intend to do before they do it. They (wrongly) believe they can escape punishment from God this way.

How I Use the Jesus Deck

This morning I pulled a card for the week ahead, as an anchor point. I will return often to the Scripture passage on the card and anchor what happens this week in the guidance provided there.

This is not divination. In fact, it’s no different to just opening your Bible and reading from the Word of God. Okay, so it’s a bit different in that there is an image attached to the Bible verse but you get that in the Bible apps people use on their phones these days too.

Personally, I prefer images like the ones in The Jesus Deck that depict the gospel rather than images of modern people.

My Fundamentalist Streak

I very nearly ditched The Jesus Deck too. For ages, I was even afraid to touch it. Then I realised that this fear was not from God. I was afraid because I had been addicted to the Tarot but I am free of that addiction and I have no inclination to use the cards in the Jesus Deck to make money or tell fortunes. There is simply no need for the fear.

The tendency to want to get rid of all the decks, including The Jesus Deck is very much like some Evangelicals proclaiming all dancing sin, even though David danced before the Lord and in Psalms we are encourage to praise the Lord through dancing.

As someone prone to extremes, I need to monitor this tendency carefully.

Don’t Be an Ex Smoker

Some people who turn away from the occult, do nothing all day long but bash the occult. It’s like ex-smokers bashing smoking and smokers every time they get a chance, or like some evangelical vegans and how they talk about meat and meat-eaters. I don’t want to be that person and I’m sorry if I’ve come across like that. It was not my intention.

The changes that began happening in me since surrendering my life to Christ are still ongoing and I’m not ‘sanctified’ or perfect; I’m still very much a work in progress but I know what I’m aiming for now. There is hope!

Are Cards Evil?

Cigarettes are evil, by the way. There is no way around that… but cards? No, cards are not evil. What’s evil is the addiction on cards for guidance and any dependency on occultist teachings, rather than the Word of God, to navigate the world. Without those addictions/dependencies, the cards are harmless and can even be useful as well as fun. Furthermore, your intuition and imagination are gifts from God. Using cards to strengthen your faith in God can only be a good thing!

If you enjoyed this post, you might enjoy a piece I wrote a few months ago about the casting of lots. The casting of lots is always to discern the will of God, which divination and fortune-telling almost never are.