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Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse – Next-level Initiations

My morning pages got interrupted by the Dragons this morning. They asked me to channel a message about next-level initiations. These initiations are beginning for the Spirit Warrior collective around the time of the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse. It has most likely already begun for many of you reading this.

I pulled some cards from the Tarot Draconis and the Dragon Wisdom Oracle for the theme the Dragons mentioned. However, the message in today’s post is mainly channelled information from the higher-dimensional dragon realm that exists in service to the Divine.

Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse Message from the Dragons

Summing the message from the cards up, the Dragons are urging us to build new foundations for our biology now that it is fundamentally changing. They encourage us to intuitively get to know our bodies/physiology and to explore it through movement.

We are also nudged to make the necessary dietary changes, including implementing fasting on a regular basis. Other than regular fasting, what those changes are will vary from person to person. It is a falsehood to think that veganism is a superior way of eating for the spiritually-minded person.

The dragons say: Bodily autonomy without intuitive bodily awareness simply isn’t possible. This is because your physiology is bombarded with EMF, no matter where on the planet you live. Unless you live in a Faraday cage (giggles from the Dragons). Powerful forces seek to program even those who have declined inoculations. They are not winning this battle but they are still hard at it. Your body can either be a strong layer of protection or how they get you.

Theme: Discernment

The initiations taking place during the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse season aim to take your discernment to the next level. Many had their awakening to the truth of the powers ruling on Earth thanks to 2020. However, many who received this first nudge to awaken lacked discernment. Because of this, they found that their awakening to the reality of the Matrix led to despair rather than increased levels of hope and optimism for the future of humanity. Awakening to what is false is not a true awakening.

A true awakening leads to the truth. Yes, there is such a thing as objective truth. But the path of the truth is covered by many veils. Only the spiritual gift of discernment can lift those veils. Not all who have blown the whistle on the Dying Powers have this gift. With great force, false light leaders have led many astray down depressing rabbit holes, leading to increased cynicism as well as division in the world. These leaders are in service to their egos rather than to the Divine.

To balance the revelations about the corruption in the world that are happening along the Taurus-Scorpio nodal axis during the Eclipse Season, you need to bring your physical body into balance. This is true both of the human physical body and the body of Gaia herself. The good news is that we can help with both.

Celestial Assistance

Other than calling on us Dragons, the Angels and your Spirit Team, there is plenty of celestial assistance for this next-level initiation. And it is coming in right at the start of the Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse Season. During the first eclipse along this nodal axis, you have Uranus conjunct the Sun and Moon in Taurus. This serves to awaken your central nervous system. Please be aware that this is not going to be an easy awakening for everyone and can even be a jarring experience.

You will become more sensitive. Some of you who are reading this are probably wondering if you can handle becoming even more sensitive. The truth is you are not yet sensitive enough to what is happening in your own bodies or in the body of Gaia.

Your bodies in higher-dimensional reality are finely tuned instruments. In 5D your body will allow you to act as an antenna for spiritual guidance. There will be no need for additional divinatory tools. Your bodies will tell you all you need to know.

Move and Be Like Water

Increased sensitivity means increased fluidity in the body. Perhaps you think this is about staying hydrated. Yes, that is part of it but not all of it. We are asking you to move your bodies to give physical expression to the light codes coming through now. You do not always have to use your whole body to do this. Hand movements may be sufficient. And if all you can move is your eyes, that is fine too.

Moving your body with the influx of light codes will clear stuck and negative energy much more quickly than using language or lengthy thought processes.

Allow a Beginner’s Mind

The truth is, that humanity knows very little about energy healing. Unfortunately, this is often especially true of those who refer to themselves as masters or experts in energy healing. They have puffed up their egos to a point beyond being able to learn new information. Yet new information is what you all need to embrace now.

This is because old ways of performing healing will not work on upgraded physical bodies or Earth’s crystalline grid. Your bodies are receiving initiations and upgrades to act as keys for healing and transformation in unique ways. But unless you get to know your own body’s energy system, you will not be able to turn the key.

No One-Size-Fits-All

There is no one-size-fits-all energy healing system or set of symbols that will allow you to turn the key. Healing is an organic process that happens in a unique field created for each healing experience. The energy can never flow exactly the same way twice. ‘You cannot stand in the same river twice,’ as the saying goes.

Healing happens in response to a need. The expression of the need guides the process and lays the foundation for the field in which the healing takes place. The healer is simply the vessel for the healing energy. An adaptation takes place intuitively so that the healing energy can flow without obstructions. When you know your energy system and your own vessel, this becomes easy.

Dance. Move with the healing energy like a dancer. This is also true when you serve as a healing vessel for Gaia, her crystalline grid, and creatures other than humans. The healing energy moves your vessel and it will perform its task optimally when you are in tune with the flow as well as your own energy system.


Sages in many of your traditions have pointed out that the human energy system does not only need nutrition in the form of food and drink. When you fast, you open other channels for energy to flow into your bodies more effectively. This is especially true of light and air. Eat both with gusto when you fast from food and you will not find yourself lacking.

Also what comes in through the ears and eyes can act as nutrition for the soul. Therefore, be very careful what you take into your bodies this way. Darkness will feed the darkness within. Negativity will lead to increased levels of despair. Is this really the kind of diet you want to be on?

When it comes to the actual food, we simply advise you to eat real food in moderation. You probably need less than you think you do, though that may not be true for all of you. However, you certainly need less sugar than you think you do.

Sugar and Fasting for a Reset

Sugar overpopulates the gut with bad bacteria and this makes it impossible to trust your gut instinct. You are a symbiotic creature and your expression as a human is part ensouled human flesh and part bacteria. This is a very real thing for many of you to ponder for perhaps the first time. Some of you are almost entirely ruled by bad gut bacteria.

You may suspect nefarious forces planned for this to happen and you may be right in your suspicions. Glucose syrup has been added to almost all processed foods for a reason. It’s still your responsibility to improve your diet. A great place to start is to eliminate all processed foods.

Those of you who get angry and can’t control your mood when you go for a couple of hours without eating need to fast and stop consuming sugar more than anybody else. This is the only way to create a gut bacteria reset. It will not be easy in the beginning but it gets easier with time. Seek out the help and support of more experienced fasters.

Use the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse to Your Advantage

One of the best uses for the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse is to give your physical health a complete reboot. The Heavens provide the momentum so that you can optimise this reboot 100%. In fact, give yourself a head start by fasting in the Dark Moon days leading up to the New Moon Solar Eclipse! Let more of the light in!


The Dragon Collective

Thank you, Dragons, for this empowering message!

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