cancer full moon message with the dragon path oracle

A Cancer Full Moon Message from the Dragons

grace from the dragon path oracle

Grace – A Cancer Full Moon Message from the Dragons

Grace is understanding that karmic/quantum entanglements can be detangled. This happens through forgiveness and force of will. To forgive is to extend grace to another and to be pardoned is to receive it. We do not have to see the person we need to forgive or be pardoned by. (Though whenever it is possible to do so, we should.) We can address their Higher Self through our own soul by the grace of Spirit.

Forgiveness is how we take back our energy and release energy that is not ours to return to sender. And it is very important that we do so now. The gateway of the Cancer Full Moon tonight will facilitate this process for the Highest Good of All.

Then we are free to step onto the path of our soul’s calling and remember why we came here. It also makes it possible for us to embody more of our Higher Self. The reason for this is that when we are entangled on a personality level, the occupation of foreign energy must be released first to make room for pure Essence and embodiment of the Higher Self.

The Cancer Full Moon Rune Reading

The Elder Futhark Runes for this lunation are Wunjo, Jera, and Fehu. When Odin and Freyja led me to start working with dragons again, I learned something new; the dragons speak in runes. It is their original language. We can all connect directly with the dragons to better understand the true meanings of the runes.

They also showed me that the white rune to the right in the image came to me because that is the dragon bindrune for healing. It also has a double meaning of initiation on the path to becoming a healer. Not everyone receives the same bindrune for the same type of calling though but when I read for others, the white rune always means that the Seeker is embarking on a new path of initiation.

Cancer Full Moon Message

Please go outside to connect with the Moon’s energy and essence tonight. It acts as a channel for an energy transmission straight from Source–an empowerment from the Divine Feminine to help you develop your psi gifts for the Highest Good. Please receive this transmission together with the blessing from the silver dragon that carries it to you on the moonbeam. It doesn’t matter if you can see the Moon or not. Clouds will not stop this transmission.

Nor does it matter if you can see the silver dragon. Accepting this transmission because something pinged in your heart when you read this is enough to set the process in motion for your second sight to develop. Use your imagination! The dragons can work with that and your sight will grow from there.

This empowerment will help you reap a harvest of joy in the future. It will increase your creativity and abundance a hundredfold, in ways that you have not yet begun to dream of. But you must enter out into the night to receive this blessing with a pure heart, so first, forgive and let go of all negativity, bitterness, and resentment. You may wish to take a ritual cleansing bath and visualise all negativity flushing down the drain as you empty the bathwater out.

If possible, receive the transmission outdoors, near a body of water. However, if you cannot get outside for any reason, imagine that you are outdoors, close to a pond or lake with the Moon’s light reflected on the surface. Then visualise the silver dragon bringing you the transmission. Each of you will receive unique impressions/messages and gifts. Don’t forget to give thanks and write down what you experience. Enjoy!

Full Moon Blessings!


Lisa Frideborg

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