What Is Light Language?

what is light language?

If you are reading about spiritual topics, you have probably come across the term ‘light language.’ But what is light language?*** Light language (LL) is the multidimensional language of the soul in communion with Source. It is known in the Christian tradition as ‘speaking in tongues‘ and is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This language can be expressed verbally, through art or through movement. It is a language that nourishes the soul by bypassing the intellect. It’s a language that flows two ways: Either from our heart to the heart of the Creator or from the Creator to our hearts.

Sometimes, a person channels light language for the benefit of others. Non-corporeal beings can also communicate via LL. Often, this channelling just brings peace and clarity but it has also been known to bring profound healing.

Two Main Categories of Light Language

There are two main categories of LL: angelic (yang) and draconic (yin). Divine masculine transmissions utilise angelic LL and divine feminine transmissions use draconic LL. These two can merge the way instruments play tunes that merge to form a harmony–Your physical and energy bodies are equipped with instruments (channels) for both forms–Or they can be used separately to correct any yin-yang imbalance. In my experience, draconic the draconic version has a more grounding and emboldening effect while the angelic version tends to create a serene state of mind.

For today’s Dragon Wisdom Wednesday post, I asked the Dragons (emissaries of the Divine Feminine) what we need to know about Light Language.

A Channelled Message from the Dragons

Reading with the Tarot of Dragons

Light language flows naturally from a place of stillness and a complete lack of expectations. It is the pure language born in the zero-point field. This language of light has the power to dispel confusion by addressing the heart directly, bypassing the mind. This, in turn, enables speedy alignment in the heart-mind connection because it corrects the mind to take a stance of deference to the heart.

Use it when you need to make a choice and are not sure which way to go. But make sure you enter the stillness completely first. Immediately after channelling light language, ask your heart and you will have a clear feeling of expansion in the right direction.

You can also use it to bring healing when you have exhausted all other ideas and options. In this instance, focus on the movements of your hands rather than on channelling through your vocal cords. The LL will begin unwinding any stuck energy which is the underlying cause of your dis-ease.

Blessed be!


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