FREE Reading Friday 4 August

Free Reading Friday Fairy Tarot Cards Sirian Starseed Tarot Pick a Card Combo

It’s time for another FREE Reading Friday and this time we’re picking a two-card combination from the Fairy Tarot Cards and the Sirian Starseed Tarot for our week ahead message.

Please be aware that this weekend and the whole of next week is likely to be impacted by the Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Monday. You can get a gentle heads up about the energy of this event HERE.

To receive your week ahead message intuitively, please take a couple of deep breaths, relax, ground your energy and allow your intuition to guide you to the number that’s meant for you. Alternatively, you can allow a computer to do a randomized draw for you by entering numbers 1-3 HERE.

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Free Reading Friday Fairy Tarot Cards Sirian Starseed Tarot

You chose combination 1 – Four of Summer (Cups) + Adept of Flames (Knight of Wands). This week is all about getting your mojo back. You may have had fluctuating energy levels and felt tearful recently. This is because of the enormous amount of energy you are picking up on now. You are feeling everything that’s out there in the ether, whether you have heard it in the news or not. You’re like an antenna for the Shift energies and find yourself in a state of overwhelm with it all. Go easy on yourself. It’s OK to relax and have fun… In fact, it’s essential. So this week, try to be a bit more like the Adept of Flames and focus on the things that light you up. Seek out little adventures every day by mixing up your routine. Start each day by asking yourself, ‘What new thing could I try today that is sure to put a smile on my face?’ Looking after yourself isn’t selfish – doing this will ensure that you don’t implode from all the stuff you’re picking up on so it’ll be a win-win.

You were drawn to combination 2 – The Empress + The Lovers. Monday’s eclipse will set the tone for you in a BIG way by clearing blocks to romance and/or creativity. Major life changes are on the horizon and luckily they will be of the more pleasurable kind. Those of you who are single and looking should definitely not stop looking now – Chances are that the one you have been looking for is out there searching for you just as eagerly and odds are that you will find a way of making the connection this week or before the summer is up. This is also an auspicious combination for people who are already coupled and/or NOT looking… You are about to receive a massive creativity boost from the Universe which in turn leads to a more heart-centred way of leading your lie. All that is required of you is that you make yourself available and then step up to the plate by acting on any inspired nudges you receive. Spending more time in nature is the best thing you can do this week to stay grounded and balanced.

For some mysterious reason, you were drawn to combination 3 – Two of Winter (Swords) + The Hierophant. This week you will finally be able to move forward from the impasse you have been stuck in for the past few months. You have so many ideas but no single idea is pulling more at you than the other… and perhaps you doubt your ability to be successful with any of them. You could even be feeling a bit like ‘What’s the point?’… Well that is all about to change this week! Clarity will come through either a respected teacher or a book of wisdom teachings that you stumble across. You will have an aha-moment that makes you realise that THIS! is the very thing you were meant to move forward with because you know that a) it is a worthy pursuit that aligns you with your soul’s calling completely and b) it is something that you have the ability to actually persevere with until you reach the finishing line. The impasse wasn’t about a lack of ability or giftedness on your part – it was more a case of finding yourself at a train station and waiting for the right train to come in… Good news: The wait is nearly over!

Have a great weekend!


Lisa Frideborg

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