free tarot and oracle readings for the capricorn full moon

Free Full Moon Pink Rose Readings

free tarot and oracle readings for the capricorn full moon

‘Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.’
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Last weekend, I was blessed to be able to attend the Angel World Summit in London. All the speakers were wonderful but out of all the things that were said that weekend, what really stayed with me was something Radleigh Valentine said:

I sometimes get accused of wearing rose-tinted glasses… Is there anything wrong with wearing rose-tinted glasses?

No. Of course there isn’t. Because love has already won… and without those rose-tinted glasses we tend to forget this. That’s when worry and despair can get to us about the state of the environment and all the other horrors that are undeniably happening in the third dimension. We have to arm ourselves with hope and optimism. We have to put on the armour of unconditional love and shield ourselves with (rose-tinted) light. This is not something we do once and we’re done. We need to remind ourselves every single day, often several times a day… because the pull of those other energies is that strong…

So I bought a pair of rose-tinted glasses to remind myself. I’m not kidding!

As I’m typing the word above, Chained to the Rhythm by Katy Perry stars playing and as I’m writing about rose-tinted glasses, the words ‘rose-coloured glasses’ is musically superimposed on what I’m typing – Proof, if ever there was proof, that this is the message the Angels want me to share with you today… love it!

Our lives are not our own because we belong to each other. We carry each other. Your pain is my pain. Your joy is also mine. Keeping our vibration high and our hearts strong makes it possible to do the work we came here to do.

This Full Moon in Capricorn is no ordinary Capricorn Moon – It’s one of those rare ultimate transformation Moons which can cut across dross on ever level of our being and sweep it away as long as we are willing to surrender…

…and this is why the Angels are guiding me to offer free individual readings in the comments below. I am being given quite specific instructions for what type of reading requests to accept:

These readings concern any area that has you feeling as if you are stuck in the mud and can’t move forward on your path of divine service. I want you to walk out of here on a cloud of pink rose petals, even if they are mini readings and I trust it will be so because I have the Angels on board, as well as the energy of the powerful celestial influences at play this weekend. I will do as many of these readings as I have time for today.

Please be advised that only reading requests that fit the angel prescription for these free readings will get done. If you feel you need you guidance on other topics, you are welcome to email me If you put FULL MOON in the title, you will get a 20% discount on any of my reading services (this FLASH SALE ends at midnight BST Friday 7 July 2017 – emails received after midnight will not get read.)

Lisa Frideborg Eddy and Radleigh Valentine

Me and Rad

Full Moon Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg


PS. If the message of this post and/or the reading you receive resonates and your calling is one in service to the Divine Feminine, feel free to join my FB Tarot Community, The Magdalene Order of the White Dove.

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  2. Hi can you help me . I want to know from here where and am I on the right track in my quest for spirituality ?

  3. Dear Lisa,
    My legal cases seem to be stuck. There seems to be no breakthrough happening and it always seems like it’s going in the other party’s favour. Please give me guidance on how to proceed. Thanks and deep gratitude

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  4. My question is regarding my dissertation which I’m writing about Soul Contracts. This has been a very difficult piece to write academically. I know this is what I’m being asked to write about, yet, I literally feel like I’m tredging through mud when I sit to write it. Am I on the right path? Thank you

  5. My question is related to wanting to be full time in divine path service and what next step or how to get to that next step to do so to leave my full time job and be in a more fulfilling life purpose service. Than k you for any insights.

  6. Hi Lisa , I need advise respect my Reiki practice , if it’s ok to start , if it’s my purpose , thank you , love and light

  7. Hi Lisa! I love the articles, tarot spreads and other information you write and share! I absolutely love the idea of keeping my rose-tinted glasses on for the sake of unconditional Love! I do feel very stuck in my divine life purpose. Try as I might, I have trouble with focus, buckling down, so to speak. For almost a year now, I have been seeing variations of 27 everywhere, all day, every day! This happens to be my birth date as well (3/27) and from everything I’ve read this is a message from my Angels about my divine life purpose, Spiritual life and and Spiritual-based career. My blocks are playing hard ball with me most days!

  8. Hi Lisa!

    When I meditate, sometimes I sense a guide, but how else may I communicate with them? This is very important, as I need their guidance and strength.

    Thank you, and Blessings (just have to specify BLUE blessings)_ ((does that mean anything to you?))

  9. Amazing thoughts…can i have a reading about my relationship with my guy… I wish to know how strongly he feels for me…is there any message from the angels about my love let me know… Thanks a million.

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  10. Hey,
    I would love a reading on whatever the angels have to tell me regarding my next steps in life. I don’t want to limit to a specific area; I’m fine with whatever advice/guidance given.

  11. hi, Lisa, and many thanks, my life is stuck in many ways but especially in the money field, very urgent… may you please help with a message on how to practically get unstuck? many thanks and blessings

  12. Hi Lisa that’s lovely and thank you! I would seriously like to know if my third eye will open as I seem to be more psychic than Mediumship but I really would like to develop myself more as a medium. Every blessing Denise XXXX

  13. I am completely stuck in the mud. I would love a reading if you still have the time. Thank you for your energy. Love and Light to you Lisa!

  14. Oh, yes, please Lisa! And with extreme gratitude! Stuck in the mud is apt as I can’t seem to muster any forward momentum on any level…so, I suppose whatever the angels determine I most need to know to release this stuckness would be massively appreciated! I hope I did this right. 🙂

  15. If it isn’t too late I would love a reading. I feel so stuck in my life and job…is there hope for a change soonThank You

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      Dear Pat, it’s fear that is keeping you stuck. Work with the angelic realm to release this fear and start moving in the directions of your dreams without the fear. Life changes can only happen if you set the intent for change and stay open to guidance. A ready-made solution is almost never presented. So: step 1 – abandon fear. step 2 – focus on bringing in what you wish to attract by raising your vibration and acting ‘as if’… Step out on faith, in other words! Affirmation: I trust that whatever I am divinely guided to achieve and manifest, I am also equipped to achieve and manifest. Blessed be! Lisa

  16. Dear Lisa,

    What very nice of you to help us. I really could use some help, I feel stuck in the relationship with dear friends. I keep on feeling hurt and can’t really understand why. I do know it’s something that’s triggers me and old hurting is repeating. But how to step out and reach out, feels almost impossible. What would the angels like to tell me?

    Love Nuala

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      Hi Nuala, sorry – relationship readings are not covered by this free reading op! Do ask your angels to help with this though if you haven’t already!

  17. Interesting. Like so many others I’ve been feeling stuck too regarding next step in my Divine Service. Any insights would be lovely thank you.

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      Hi Jane, I’m getting a message from the angels for a need to take better care of your body and to use your body for creative self-expression such as dance to better connect with your soul. Once you begin tuning in this way you will start flowing the Divine again. Blessed be! Lisa

  18. Very ice post – and your smile is so radiant in the photo with Radleigh. I would love a reading about my feeling stuck in my ministry and my Tarot path. Are they fighting each other, is it time for one to fade out and the other rise? What is keeping me stagnant?

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      Dear Barbara,

      Thank you – I was so pleased to finally meet him in person. I adore him! I pulled two cards for you: Archangel Michael and Ego (trad. The Devil). They are not fighting each other but there is conflict within you and this conflict can be resolved by asking Archangel Michael with help to cut any cords with thought constructs based in fear, guilt or shame about your Tarot practice. You need to redeem it and see it for what it is – a tool for the Light. Then you will find peace and can start making progress on your Path once more. Blessed be! Lisa

  19. Hi Lisa,

    Can I have a mini reading on my career please?

    Thank you!

    PS I love your blog and your work.

  20. If you have time – you are filling up fast with questions; would you kindly let me know what the Angels see for me in committing to Divine service? I feel I am supposed to be “teaching” but not in the traditional sense. I am older so it might be too late. Thank you.

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      Hi Lynn, It’s absolutely NOT too late! I am getting ‘meditation’ for you… so you will teach/guide people through a new technique that is waiting to come through you, relating to the Spiritual Path you are on. Love and Blessings, Lisa

  21. Thank you for posting this. I am a super positive person and do not dwell in those tough things life presents us but I have felt stagnant for about a year not knowing or not being able to feel what the next step is. Thank you for your gifts and have a blessed day!

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      Hi Kimberley, I’m being shown that there is a body of work you are meant to be putting in writing. If you are feeling stuck, it could be because you are resisting this portion of your soul’s calling. Love and Blessings, Lisa x

  22. I feel as though I am in a rut. I know it’s a slow process, spiritual growth. Is there something more I can do be doing or focusing my energy on? I might be ready for the next step but I’m not sure where that is, or what direction it will take me.

    Thank you Lisa for a wonderful post! I remind myself daily to look at the world through love. I find it easier to connect with people, nature and the universe when I look for the common denominator. We all have love inside of us, it’s easy to recognize. It really opened my heart and eyes to how closed off people have become. Blessings in light and love!

  23. Hi I have been on a path to what I thought was my calling but recently the signs are telling me to work with my angel cards instead . I just feel really stuck and full of self doubt , it feels like I can’t trust my own judgments

    Thank you Lisa

  24. Hello Lisa!
    Thank-you for your generous offering. I have for some time felt blocked about my path and wondered what my divine gift(s) might be to offer to others and the world. I would love any insight that you and the angels can give me. Blessed Be!
    Suzanne A

  25. Hi Lisa. This full moon is opposite my sun. I am having a health scare at the moment. Is there a message in this? Releasing something to get on my path? Note, I’m not asking for health advice. Thanks and blessings.

  26. Hello Lisa 🙂 Been feeling super stuck lately regarding my divine purpose. Having trouble moving forward, any advice or insight is greatly appreciated Thanks!

  27. Merry meet Lisa! Thank you!! Can you assist me in a little guidance. I’m at a crossroads, I’m starting a gemstone jewellery business to help us light workers and family and friends. Can you see if card reading is part of the business too? I enjoy reading just not sure if it’s part of this venture to help. Love and light.

  28. Since it’s difficult for me to put into words what I feel has me somewhat stuck on my journey, could you please share whatever they see fit for me to receive (if anything at all), that will help me to continue forward as I need to? The message the other day already helped give me confirmation that decisions I’ve made to let certain people go is exxxxxxxactly what I needed to do !! Thank you ❤❤❤

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      Dear Monica, So happy for you! Letting people go lovingly when we realise that they are no longer a vibrational match is wonderfully empowering. You are a kind and empathic soul and you would make a wonderful spiritual coach or reader. You are naturally intuitive and also highly sensitive, so it is extremely important for you to have sound inter-personal boundaries in place. Always trust your intuitive guidance and you can’t go far wrong. Love and Blessings, Lisa

      1. I give thanks for you! Thank you for allowing yourself to be used as a vessel of love and light! Peace and love!

  29. Hi Lisa — thank you so much for offering this opportunity to ask for guidance on feeling stuck on our path to divine service. This full moon is very significant for me on a personal level, astrologically. Accordingly, my life is at a major crossroads. I’m open to any guidance that will highlight what the angels want me to know at this point.

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      Hi there, The Angels are asking you to look at something in your life that wants bringing into balance and part of that is how you spend your time – as things stand, the way you use the hours and minutes of your day, is blocking you from moving forward. There is not enough time for play and reflection… the type of things that inspire and recharge. Create sacred space and give yourself some time every day to reconnect with Source and you will find both peace and clarity. Stop looking for dramatic life-changing guidance and act on the inner guidance you will start getting daily this way instead. Focus on peace and harmony in the moment and things will soon become apparent. Love and Blessings, Lisa

      1. Hi Lisa — thank you so much for this reading. It was a hard one to take in, at first, but it has already borne fruit. This morning I received an angel name, one that connects with my family heritage (I realized, it wasn’t obvious at first), and when I looked it up it totally connected on several levels. And I believe that my path is already opening up to me. It’s a total wow. Blessings to you and great gratitude.

  30. Thank you Lisa, I have been attempting to understand my “heart’s work” but can’t seem to find my path. Big hugs!

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      Dear Annarica, the Angels and one of your Faery guides is coming forward to answer this question. Your faery guide in particular is giggling and asking you to do a handstand because you need a new perspective – they are saying: It’s not about WORK, silly – It’s about ‘Heart’s Joy’… So put yourself upside down so the heart is above the head and let it decide. It will ALWAYS choose the thing that brings you the most joy because that is the thing that lights you up and makes the world a brighter place. 🙂 Love and Blessings, Lisa

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      Dear Inner Tango, I’m getting a message from the Angels that you could be helping people with deeply transformational showdowwork. This could be anything from dream interpretation to hypnosis to doing readings – perhaps all three! Love and Blessings, Lisa x

      1. Thank-you Lisa…this is confirmatory for me. I’m looking at embarking on learning Evolutionary Astrology, which focuses on the development of the soul, in its various stages, and helping people find the blocks that keep their souls from progressing to the next level. I feel things are finally aligning for me…much love!

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      Dear Selva, if you have been seeking confirmation that you are meant to teach, you have received this through the Angels today. What will you teach? 🙂 Love and Blessings, Lisa x

      1. Wow yes I have thank you. I have just finished a teaching assistant course at college but wasn’t sure it was using the best of my talents but it might lead on to something else. thank you! x

  31. Dear Lisa, dear Angels,

    Can you please tell me how I can stop the pattern of self doubt?
    I’m walking in circles for a long time now and I want to break out to unlock my true meaning and follow the divine path. I can take this anymore.

    With love,


    1. Post

      Dear Karin, you have great powers of manifestation and absolutely no need to second-guess yourself. I’m shown that you should decide to manifest little things and keep a journal to gradually build your confidence. Having a daily gratitude practice is the second part of the angelic prescription I’m getting for you. Believe in yourself and have faith in God. Surrender the doubts. If you cling to them there isn’t a thing the angels can do to help. Surrender them and keep surrendering them for as long as you need to until you have re-membered who you are and what you are here to do. Blessings, Lisa

  32. That was beautiful I just finished reading your whole blog so wonderful that you got to go to the summit I’m so happy for you and thank you thank you thank you so much for your sharing your gifts… I will be sharing mine as well I’m still developing them and learning but I’ll get there…

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  33. I’m not sure if I’m doing this right. But here goes.. can you see me starting a spiritual business. In the near future like my own store and the community..?

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      Hi Calleen, YES. Tthe Angels are showing me that it is simply about setting the intention and then doing a little bit every day toward reaching your goal. What can you start doing today? What can you do tomorrow? Once the intent to move forward in this direction is firmly set, things will begin to fall into place provided you act on your inner guidance and set yourself actionable goald. Ask Archangel Michael for courage and help with interference from thoughts of doubt or low self-esteem. Love and Blessings, Lisa

  34. I would love a reading on how I can get unstuck in my path to divine service. This is very much needed right now and I deeply appreciate what you have extended in your offering xo

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      Dear Alanna, the message I’m getting from the Angels is that you need to trust your heart more. Following the guidance from your heart rather than your head will dispel and doubts or second-guessing and allow you to fall madly in love what you are meant to be doing. Then there will be nothing that can hold you back from moving forward with both devotion and determination. Do a heart-centred meditation daily over the next couple of weeks to create this shift. Blessed be! Lisa

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