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Massive Yule/Christmas Tarot Giveaway!

Sunday 27th November (less than a week away!) is the 1st Sunday of Advent and I’m starting to get into the spirit of the season. I’m going to give away one mini Tarot reading every day (Mon-Fri) until Christmas Eve to a randomly chosen person who comments below. Here is what you need to do take part for YOUR chance to get a free reading:

STEP 1. COMMENT IN THE BLOG COMMENTS SECTION BELOW THE POST about which charity you support or what other act of generosity you have planned in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Promoting my work also counts as a good deed/act of generosity, so if you feel all you can/want to do is share this post on social media, go right ahead and comment where you shared.

STEP 2. Then use the form below (IN THE POST) to send me your question for the Tarot. Please make your question succinct (one sentence) and suitable for a mini Tarot reading via email. These readings will be done privately so there is no need to comment with your question here on the blog. You can also let me know which type of oracle you want me to use:

  • tarot
  • angel cards
  • fairy cards
  • runes
  • lenormand
  • other oracle
  • reader’s choice

If you are a winner, I will comment ‘winner’ below your entry here on the blog, to make sure you get your reading, in case it ends up in your spam folder or bounces because you entered your email address incorrectly.

1-4 cards will be drawn to answer your question and a picture of the cards will be emailed to you, together with the reading, if you are a winner.

Please spread the Yuletide cheer far and wide by sharing this post. 


Good luck everyone!


Angel Blessings


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