healing activations for the age of the holy spirit

Healing Activations for the Age of the Holy Spirit

healing activations for the age of the holy spirit

Spirit has been talking a lot about healing lately. What seems to be coming through collectively is that we need to up our healing game. Time is running out. It’s no longer good enough to simply offer people energy healing; We must teach everyone who comes to us as healers about their own healing ability. As we enter into the Age of the Holy Spirit, we are evolving into Homo Sanctus. In a unified field of consciousness, we are either all healers or none of us are.

Future generations will all be hooked up to the Divine healing source directly. NOW is the time to prepare the way for this to happen.

No Need to Pay for Attunements

And we do see this already happening. It’s good to know that other healers are getting the same messages. If you look up ‘free attunement’ or ‘self-attunement’ on YouTube, for instance, you’ll see that others have begun the work. It’s time for me to do this also. I began small with a self-attunement mini series for healing on TikTok but plan to develop this work and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

The role of the healer is changing very rapidly, in time with the evolutionary trajectory of mankind. As we stand on the threshold of the Age of the Holy Spirit, get ready for a quantum leap!

5 INTENTIONS to assist with this sacred work, for the Highest Good:

  • Set the intention to collapse all other timelines, other than the one that allows you to step into your full Divine healing power. Make a vow to release any toxic patterns that are still holding you back. Find an accountability partner to help with this.
  • At the start of each day, actively step into your Divine healing power through setting the intent and doing the spiritual practices that best assist you in being the purest possible channel. This includes energy clearing and chakra work but could take any number of forms.
  • Intend to offer a healing activation to each person who comes to you for healing. It’s not up to you whether they accept this offer or not–It’s simply your task to offer it. Basically, simply lead them through a meditation or prayer that helps them align with their own healing gift. Help them understand that it is all about intent. You don’t even need to memorise a formula for this. Spirit will give you the exact right words for each person.
  • Set the intention to simplify your healing practice to the bare bones of what you actually experience. That way, you only pass on what is real and from the Source.
  • Intend to keep learning and growing. Realise that there is always room for improvement. The best healers know that they are on an evolutionary spiral that takes them ever higher. There is no ‘Master/Level III, etc’ ceiling. As we ourselves evolve on our spiritual journey, so does our ability to hold and channel healing light.

Rise Early

If you are truly dedicated to your healing work, I would urge you to consider rising early each day, between 3-5 AM. That way, you harness the largest amount of chi during meditation and prayer. The veil is definitely thinner at this time of the day, which also means you will also find it easier to connect to guidance wanting to come through from Spirit.

If you have made it this far into this blog post, all of this message is for you. You matter. Spirit sees you and wants you to know how valuable your contribution to Earth’s evolution is at this time. There is no time to lose.

Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg

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