reiki and faith healing

Reiki AND Faith Healing – Bridging the Dichotomy

reiki healing and faith healing

When I studied with the NFSH (now known as The Healing Trust) back in 2004, we had a teacher who also did Reiki. He was very careful to point out that they were separate modalities and that he never mixed the two. Rather than diving deep into why since the Source of all healing is the same, I just accepted that as fact.

It was easy to do so because, in my own mind, I already had another dichotomy, that of ‘faith healing’ versus ‘energy healing.’ This ties in with a Christian background. I first learned about Reiki not long after my first two children were born, while I was still in the church. Rather than seeking to reconcile the two in my mind then, I simply accepted that they were not the same.

But I took it one step further, I decided in my mind that one had to be superior to the other (big mistake, steeped in duality). This, in turn, made me vacillate between the two and I was never able to settle on what modality to use.

Later, I sort of came to equate spiritual healing with faith healing… but again making the judgment that spiritual healing was not quite as powerful as faith healing. I based this assumption on my own religious experiences.

Dark Night Gains

What boggles my mind the most now is that I never thought it possible to unite and reconcile the three… until last night. I can see clearly now that this was only possible thanks to navigating the Dark Night of the Soul last year. Thanks to that, I also finally fully reconciled and integrated my Tarot practice with my love for Christ and the Bible.

Last night, the penny finally dropped with regards to healing as well. I could see how I had limited myself and what I was able to do because of being caught up in limiting belief systems. I instantly released the limiting beliefs and set off on a brand new journey with my healing work. My past misconceptions are fading fast and I refuse to be bound by them as I co-create new streams for healing to flow.

It will be some time yet before I offer healing services but I am already very excited about what the Divine is doing through me. You know you are on the right path when you have clarity about the next step mixed with excitement. My husband is excited too because when I am in flow as a healer, he benefits too. I feel supported, both by Spirit and by my loved ones, and I’m so very grateful that I lived to see this day.


Lisa Frideborg

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