Holy Grail Distance Healing

Holy Grail Distance Healing

45-minute Holy Grail Distance Healing Session

During this 45-minute Holy Grail distance healing session, we will be working together but in different locations. The modalities used in this session are Angelic Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Tuning Fork Therapy. I have named this combination of modalities the Holy Grail because it is the most powerful way of working with energy at a distance that I know.

Zero-point alignment is like a supercharged heart coherence session. We use it in the Holy Grail healing session to help you release anything that is stopping you from living your best life. The Holy Grail session opens you up to the realm of miracles and possibilities which is your natural birthright.

You can book a healing session from anywhere in the world as soon as we can coordinate a time to meet up in the ether so please contact me (tarotize@gmail.com) for availability before booking your session below via PayPal.

To understand how sound healing can work at a distance, please watch this video. I have been divinely guided to use the 111 Hz healing fork for these sessions. This zero-point alignment frequency is known as the Holy Frequency. It is the frequency used in the healing chambers of ancient temples.

We decide on a time when you can lie down comfortably for 30 minutes. You will need to wear loose clothing and cover yourself with a blanket to make sure you stay warm. You also need to have a glass of water at hand for the end of the session to help you ground your energy.

Includes an Angelic Tarot Reading

At the end of the session, I pull two cards for any further insights to those that arise during the healing session. I will email you after your session with my impressions and your reading.

Holy Grail Distance Healing

Benefits of Holy Grail Zero-Point Alignment Therapy

  • A sense of coming home to yourself
  • Deep relaxation
  • Calming of the mind
  • Soothing of the emotions
  • Mental and spiritual clarity
  • Higher levels of compassion
  • + all the same benefits you would normally receive during a Reiki session